[Archive] Old but cool battlereport - Check out the Case


Read this ages ago but just re-discovered it - check out the cool carry case



I found a tiny version of that picture with the case, YEARS ago. Very cool.


That is sweet! I may have to move beyond just wearing a big top hat jealous

Thought that would make a nice display board.


lol. Love the hats.


Hmmm, I need to get myself one of those beards…maybe with an eye patch as well…


The Hat maketh the dwarf… Not so much the beards in this case… I’m not too convinced about their authenticity. :slight_smile:

This post made my day!


dressing like a part of your army is a great idea to confuse the opponent


Ah, but I already have the hat, the beard would just be bonus.

And the eye patch would make me feel warm and fuzzy inside :slight_smile:

Ghrask Dragh:

Now thats how to get good publicity, I hope our tournement players are paying attention :smiley: Awesome battle report, thanks for sharing :hat off


This makes me want a big hat army (yes i said it …) just so i can dress like that and carry my army around in a huge EarthShaker shell. Besides its much more practical to wear a big hat and grow a beard than to make and wander around in chaos armour …


Big Hats, Great Adventures… Ja ja ja :smiley:

Cool, thanks Ubertechie. :hat off


That is a great find Ubertechie and good to hear your coming round to the way of big hats :hat

Tarrakk Blackhand:

That’s pretty funny. Too bad we don’t know who these guys are. I think a pair of free Chaos-Dwarfs.com shirts are in order.


thats nidal and matt birdoff from the warmongers club in NYC

a group of touny players… (this was their early days it seems…)

those guys play in all the INDY gt’s around the east coast, (cross roads,conflict,colonial)

Matt tried to sell his chaos dwarves on this website… back in december.

their warmongers site has 1 more battle report. (back when you could fire thru your own units…



looks at the hat and attire



Oh Willmark, everyone who shows open distaste for something that challenges the norm harbours a deep secret fetish for that something…

Personally, I think you have a little shriners fez covered with chaotic arrows and lightning bolt skulls somewhere in your basement and when the kids go to bed, you put it on for some golden age chaos dwarf warhammering!! :slight_smile:


If they sold their hats I might buy them… :stuck_out_tongue:


GRNDL- It was a deeply scarring incident with big hats, I won’t go into it; let’s just say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas and “Skye” in the champagne room knows nothing about it. :slight_smile:

Tarrakk Blackhand:

If they sold their hats I might buy them...
I can hook you up with some Fez! :)