[Archive] Old CD stock at GW


I had a question after reading the Bull Centaur HE thread.

Does any one know why they charge so much for old CD bits?

If it is old stock and they are just trying to get rid of it, most stores sell things off more cheaply to free up warehouse space. It is cheaper to buy newish hellcannon CD’s and an assortment of weapon sprues to equip them with than it is to buy the older blunderbusses… I can’t think of any reason for it unless they are still selling as well as GW thinks the market wll support at the current price, and they don’t want to turn down a profit.


Does any one know why they charge so much for old CD bits?

Compared to what some "dealers" (like "SWSNBN") charge out there, these prices are actually downright reasonable....

Thommy H:

The prices are the same as any other GW model of comparable size and type. �2.50 for one metal trooper model is pretty decent by their standards these days.


I see the problem.��

I was comparing the price of a Ghouls or Grave Guard per unit, CA$16 for 3 and CA$50 for 10 respectively, rather than price for purchasing an individual model, which is CA$8, exactly as a blunderbuss.��

I am still confused at to why the new Hellcannon CD are CA$4.25 each though…but I am considering stocking up and saving some time on conversions if I can figure out a simple, GS-free technique for adding weapons.��My BFSP sculpting is coming along, but I am still deathly slow…��:)

Thanks for clearing up the non-mystery. :hat off