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Old new chaos dwarf player

hi all have lurked for a couple of months on HoH and this site have played warhammer since before it was warhammer(lots of pre slotta figures).Although i did have a break from 90 to 2002 from wargaming .

�� I always wanted a cd army but could not afford more than a few models in the past ,now however i have just purchased lots of big hats and am busy painting and converting to field a 3000pt force .

I have 40K and WE and Tzeentch already but with my cd i find i am really enthused to paint��and convert(never used greenstuff or converted anything before)

This is what i currently have

Taurus and lord


10 bcs(2 htarks converted for lord and BC bsb)

old maruder dwarf wiz converted to tallhat sorc

24 metal cd warriors inc comm

49 cd plastic inc 2 metal comm

30 metal blunders

25 hobbos inc converted and inc unit fillers

20 wolfriders 4th ed and olga khan boyz

50 orc pre slotta converted stds and muscs

15 orc “������” with bows

4 BTs

1 DR

1 ES

various other converted hobbo hero and wolfboy hero etc

I am hoping to post pics as painted or maybe with this thread��

heres a wip sorry its blurry (No the file doesnt load)will post pic soon