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Thommy H:

So, I got the Storm of Magic book yesterday and as anyone who’s read my posts in the various threads about it will know already, I really like the possibilities raised by the Scrolls of Binding. The idea of monsters that can be added to armies in a modular fashion is a really fun one, and SoM contains loads of great monsters and units…but there could be more!

What I plan to do is make some new Scrolls of Binding as pdfs, in roughly the same format of those shown in the SoM book, for all the monsters that were left out. Should be fun.

Anyway, here are a few of my ideas so far:

  • Polar bear
  • Swarms (snakes, spiders, frogs, bats, Spites, Snotlings and Nurglings)
  • Halflings
  • Fimir units
  • Squigs!
  • Giant bats
  • Sea creatures (Triton, Leviathan, Behemoth, Sea Dragon, Kraken, Promethean, Megaladon, Gargantuan)

Anyone else have any random ideas? I can’t promise I’ll do any of them (hell, I can’t promise I’ll do any of this…) but I’m open to suggestions. Limitations are that it must be something that has some precedent in Warhammer already (so no random mythological creatures) and it can’t just be some monster from an existing Armies book.


Some blasts from the past…

Nippon ( ninjas…need I say more?)


And an obvious one… Daemonic constructs!  How awesome would it be to summon up a Kolossus?

Thommy H:

Very basic preview!

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Hashut’s Blessing:

As a heads up, GW is supposedly going to bring more scrolls out in White Dwarfs, on the website and in further books. Supposedly is the operative word, of course.

Visually, looks good. As for ideas for other creatures, I’ll have to have a think :wink:


Great first go Thommy! Like HB i’ll have to have a think about some possibles for you…


Hmm, Titans, cyclops, Assassins, Djinns, Ice Giants, flying carpets, and perhaps a Golem?

Thommy H:

As a heads up, GW is supposedly going to bring more scrolls out in White Dwarfs, on the website and in further books.

Hashut's Blessing
Yeah, I heard the same. I just thought I'd get the jump on them though, since I had some ideas rattling around in my head.


I second the call for Golems. Particularly the sort fashied by Chaos Dwarfs! There’s a general lack of summonable mechanical/construct things!

Also, Fire Goblins


Merwyrm, unless that’s what you meant be sea dragon.

Is there a possibility of getting regiments of renown in there somewhere (I’ve not got the SoM book, could they be bound by pacts)?

Like the polar bear, very professional as walways!

Thommy H:

Technically, there’s probably no reason RoR couldn’t work - I intend to give Halflings options for command, for example. I’ll give it some thought.

I’ll certainly be doing a Daemonic Engine one anyway, based on the rules from my book. The way you can upgrade monsters is actually very, very close to how Daemonic Upgrades work anyway, so it should fit in perfectly.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Perhaps through in some of the (feck, forgot the name) things from storm of Chaos that are Marauder, Skaven, metal blades for arms and chains from the back?

Thommy H:

Flayerkin! Yeah, that’s a good idea…


Evil protoplasmic squid-octopus monster from beneath the ocean.

That wins combats by causing insanity.


Sharktopus f’taghn?

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How about some Djinn? Cathay Dragon. Stone Giant/big Stone Troll. I have no idea what’s in the SoM book.

Anything for a basic unit of each race?

Hashut’s Blessing:

Flayerkin, them’s the ones! Sorry for mind-blanking. Could also do Rat Ogres. In fact, any Clan Moulder stuff really, particularly since you can add cool options to them!

Thommy H:

I really want to avoid anything that’s explicitly tied to a particular army though. The idea with most of the things in the book is that they’re things that could be found in the wild and bound by a wizard. Skaven stuff isn’t likely to be wandering around above ground unless some Skaven drag it out with them.


Land Kracken plz.

Just think of the possibilities.

Great work on the Bear. Can’t wait to pick up Storm of Magic

Thommy H:

A few more to mull over.


Elementals!! I love those old models (: