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Hi again

I have taken it upon myself to fill out my army to the extreme, and this means fluff too. For this reason I have decided to take advantage of the little existing background on the Chaos Dwarfs to expand upon my army and all aspects of there life.

I intend to write about:

Their Homeland

Their leaders

Their Politics

Their Armies

Their Religion

Here is the first installment, On the Basalt Mines:



On the Basalt Mines…

The Basalt Mines span a large area surrounding the dormant volcano Zharrat. It has grown over the years due to the wealth produced by its rich resources.

Upon first look the Basalt Mines look like a desolate wasteland, and that is because they are. Most life has been wiped out by the eruptions of the volcano in the prime of its life. Therefore all that can be seen is rock, ,formed into cruel spikes and glass by the wind and pyroclastic flows, and a few rare cacti, the only thing that can stand these desperate conditions.

Another feature of the area is the Geysers that crop up in various places. They shoot steaming hot water from beneath the ground but it is heavily polluted by all the ash that has fallen and the smog of the Dawi Zhaar. Therefore it erupts a black or grey colour and is much thicker than normal water, it is also impossible to drink.

The main feature of these barren, windswept plain is of course Zharrat. Once a great volcano it erupted and destroyed most of the Dwarfen refugee community that lived there, taking with it many great heirlooms and lives. Now however it is the volcano itself that helps the Chaos Dwarfs their. It provides them with shelter from the gales and the greenskin hordes as well as providing them with basalt that they can mine and make profit from, selling it to the other spread out Chaos Dwarf communities for use in construction of their great cities.

The capital city of the Basalt Mines is Zharratthur. This is where the High Priest Ikshur holds his court and has done for many long years. It is built onto the far side of the volcano, as when the volcano first erupted it blew its top off, leaving it at an angle. This now means that the city is sheltered more from the biting winds and also it at less risk from another catastrophe from the eruptions of the volcano.

The city itself is very grand. Built almost entirely from Basalt, as is expected from these Chaos Dwarfs, it makes an imposing site. It is built up in many layers, one built every half century by the slaves collected on raids. Obviously this means that the city has grown high into the sky, long since overtaking Zharrat itself. The highly polished stone gives it an eerie look at night, and when there is a full moon it can be seen for miles around.

On the other side of Zharrat are the mines themselves. They are built right in the path of the volcano and as such consist of very few constructs. The ones that are there are typically shoddy and can afford to be lost to the ravages of the volcano.

The mines reach all the way up the side of the volcano in a series of levels and also continue at the bottom, reaching a considerable depth under the grounds surface. Upon these mines work hundreds of thousands of slaves from all over the world and they are all treated the same, badly. The Chaos Dwarf slavers drive large groups of slaves to impossible feats of mining and are not tolerant of any disobedience.

After the Great Rebellion, many more driver have been put on guard, armed with a deadly blunderbuss and the trusty, characteristic whip. Larger blunderbusses have also been developed and installed but have not yet had to be used.

The mines are active almost permanently and the sounds of thousands of chisels and pickaxes can be heard over long distances, especially when they are carried by the chill winds. Occasionally the noise is accompanied by large explosions as charges detonate and bring tonnes of rock with them.

Overall the Basalt Mines are a dark, miserable, foreboding place that should not be visited by any sane person, lest you want to be want to work on the bitterly cold, barren mines for the rest of your life.

Uzkul Werit:

That’s some good stuff there. I wish I could be motivated into doing that much depth. One question: geographically do you know where Zharrat is located in the Darklands?


I haven’t as of yet. I need to see a map of the Darklands to tell you.

Thanks for the comments, next piece up will probably be the armies of Zharrat.



Uzkul Werit:

I’d place it either in the extreme north or the extreme south. Only the middle of the Darklands is amazingly high populated, with Zharr Naggrund and Gash Kadrak in the middle. There’s a big gap just next to the Worlds Edge Mountains.