[Archive] OOp Chaos dwarves for Trade only (USA)



I just won an auction on Vulturebay. Im just checking if there is any potential interest in trading any of these figs I dont need, for figs I do need. Im not really interested in selling. USA would be easier/cheaper to ship, but Im open to any good offers from the UK.

This is just to see interest, as I don’t have the figs in my greedy little hands yet. I’d have to wait until I have the figs and can check the conditions.(a week or two at most)

I have great refs on Ebay as Starslayer72, Bartertown as Starslayer and Bugman’s Brewery as Blood Axe.

I have:

Lammasu & rider

Taurus & rider

8 Bull Centaurs

10 Black Orcs

30 Night Goblin archers

19 Dwarf Miners (new multi-part ones, NOT BFSP)

I want:

CD Blunderbusses

CD Warriors (metal or plastic)

CD Heroes/Sorcerers


PM me with any potential offers or interest.