[Archive] OOP figures to trade, RT/WFB/Forge World


Hi all,

Some new stuff to trade:


Rogue Trader:

Marauder ogre:

Marauder ogre handgunner painted by 1980’s 'Eavy Metal painter Pete Taylor:

21 basecoated/part painted plastic handgunners:

New Forge World Justaerin terminators:

Also have 2 unassembled Contemptor terminators for trade (CCW/H.bolter/Assault cannon).

I am located in Norway. Primarily looking to trade but will respond to concrete and realistic cash offers. Here’s what I am after trade-wise:

Old stuff:
Mordheim Averlanders
Pre-1992 RT Plaguemarines/Nurgle renegades
RT (metal) Squats
RT armour variants 1, 2 and 3 plus artificer variants 1, 3 and 4:
Marauder MM60 fighters
Marauder MM15 greatsword and handgunner
Pre-bighat Citadel/Marauder chaos dwarfs
1989 Skaven jezzail teams

New stuff:
Forge World Mk II and III space marine armour variants
FW event only warrior priest
FW Manann’s Blades w/command
FW Ironsides handgunners w/command




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