[Archive] Opinion: BoC Centigors converted to BCs?


I was perusing my GW '06-'07 catalog for conversion bitz, and it struck me, maybe one could use Centigors and Dwarf Warriors as BCs?

Also, do BCs have ranged weaponry or melee?


They have great axe, light (or heavy) armour and shield.

Centigors would be OK, but the metal ones are expensive.

The plastic ones would be cheaper and easier to convert. I’m assuming you’d want to shorten their legs so that they look less horsey?

Hashut’s Blessing:

If you used them, you’d have to replace the clawed feet with hooves. They can also replace GW with Additional Hand Weapons (I think for free, but am not sure).Personally, I’d suggest getting the ACTUAL BC lower bodies and putting dwarf torsos on. Will probably look better and the scale will be right then.


I tend to find the Centigors too thin. The actual bull bodies are great albeit a bit pricey.