[Archive] Opinions on Hobgoblins


Hi all

I’m in need of your opinion on a set of hobgoblin conversion heads I’m doing.

I have just started on some khan style heads I will probably end up with about 4 different heads when I,m done.  I’m doing khan style because that’s what my friends like but I was wondering if there is any interest out there in the cloth cap ones as well ?

Progress shot so far can be seen here

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Thanks for your opinion in advance


Just a simple yay or nay would work…hmmm maybe this should have been some sort of poll.

Time of Madness:

I like it so far! Looks like lots of detail there and I can tell it is a hobgoblin.

Time of Madness


looks good, but also would look good to have a bit more expression in the face- he looks kind of neutral. Maybe needs some tusk/teeth showing. form is good though!

My opinion id that the khan heads are good for wolf rider conversions, so you may as well do them in a set of 5. I have used some cast cap style heads that I procured on skaven bodies to build footsoldier hobgoblins, and they look great for that purpose. So- I have enough cap heads to last me a lifetime but I am sure that other forumers would love some as it’s an easy conversion for regular hobbos!

If doing cap heads, pleas mix it up with some pointier caps and some flat caps.


I’m going to give it a thumbs up.

It would be nice to get a pic of the head that sheds a bit more light on him. There’s a lot of deep shadows in those recessions that leave a lot of questions unanswered. I wouldn’t mind having a better look at his teeth, as well as taking a look at those eyes.


I really like them.

Also like the scenery pieces, I may have to get some once my paypal balance is a bit more healthy :slight_smile: