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I am starting a new Warhammer club here in Orange for Warhammer fantasy only as the club they have here now runs 40K, Fantasy, WW2 modelling and various other games so that most fantasy players dont come because they usually dont get a game and get pushed aside.

We had the Epic battle thing here at the local Toy shop and I was surprised by the ammount of players we had in this town so I have decided to start a club for them.

It is coming along nicely, I have a venue, table tops ready, fliers made up which the toy shop has agreed to ditribute and spread the word for us, 3 other guys to help me run it and a few of us are madly making scenary at the present.

Tommorrow I will be hunting around the trophie shops so we can have club trophies for our tournaments that I would like to run regularly and also seeing about getting shirts made up for our officials.

A website is also under way which I am doing myself (I will post it in my profile when its complete) and I was wondering if anyone on here would like to send me some drawings that I could use on the site to make it look all smicky mouse, chaos dwarf drawings are MOST welcome.


Hi all, just thought I would let anyone that is interested know that I finaly got my website up and running… if you want to look at it…


Evil Fordy:

kite street where dude lol ???

Hashut’s Blessing:

Alas, I would attend if it weren;t for the fact I live in a different country :smiley:


haha, damn oceans getting in the way of a good gaming club!

Well if anyone does ever come down here for a holiday you will be more then welcome to come check it out and have a game.

Does anyone know how to put the icon in the favourites folder when you save to favourites?

It has it on this website and I asked Xander but he has not got back to me, I am a self taught html coder so I am not fantastic at this and I have never found this code, well I cant get it to work anyways.


for the side, I would changes the background, some things are unreadable now, as fot the icon you can use the following code in the header:

 just changes img/favicon.ico to the path name and the filename of your icon. hope it helps.

Evil Fordy:

sorry man was not lookin properely teach me to drink and type hope it all gos well and as hb said shame about the huge ocean in the way:cheers


Thanks for that code furrie!

Which page is hard to read?

LOL No worries Evil!!


best thing for the background is just one color, even though a background pic is cooler, but more distractive, but it looks beter with the black background for the text, I would do that on the front page as well


Ahh the code does not seem to be working, not on my computer anyways… this is what I wrote…

and the file name matches and all, file name is in the root directory.

I dont know whats wrong, is there something missing?


try putting this type=“image/x-icon” before >, gmail has the same thing


I take it is in cali. If so where? I will have to take a trip there next year I believe and if I gota I want to pop in and play a game and say hello to all of ya. :hat off


No, Sorry Sigose, It is in Orange New South Wales Australia.

Thanks Furrie, I will try that.

We had our 1st meeting of our club on the 29th of June and it was a great success! We had 10 games in the 1st round ( alot of people stayed after this and had another game or 3 )

and there was about 10 people or so come in for a geez and we made contact with another club as a bloke came to check us out so we may be having some inter town comps with them in the future.

I cant wait till the next meet on the 13th but I got alot of work to do as I want some more terrain and game boards made up, I am going to make another Tomb kings board and terrain set and I wanna do a chaos wastes board some how.

Ahhhh, I tried it furrie but it is still not working for some reason, I have done some fidling with it as well and cant figure anything out.

What a pain of a code to try and get right.


do you have the wrigth link to the piciture you want to use as icon?

zorn sabretooth:


anyway nice job deebo i see you managed to sqeeze cd on most of the pages


Deebo, the problem with the icon file is that it can’t be found in the path that you have given, so you need to changes that