[Archive] Orc Arrer boyz or Hobgobbo Archers

Da Crusha:

I can’t decide which ones to use since I found out that orc arrer boyz are an option for us grand tournaments. what do you think?


neither. But if you’re set on it, Hobgoblins are cheaper by far, and have the same offensive capabilities (bs 3 and S3 bows).

Da Crusha:

neither.  But if you're set on it, Hobgoblins are cheaper by far, and have the same offensive capabilities (bs 3 and S3 bows).

well I was thinking both have there plus's and minus's:

        hobgoblin archers          orc arrer boyz
cost            5pts                         6pts
armor          none                         6+
Strength      3                       3 or 4 w/choppa
toughness    3                              4
bs               3                             3
ws              3                             3
choice        core                         special
range         24"                              24"
base          20mm                           25mm

       wont cause panic in          will cause panic in
         others except hg               goblins, hobgoblins,
                                               and other orcs

*I don't know why the post keeps showing the question marks.

Alan the evil:

I vote for hobbos: you can field a couple of units leaving open all special choices.

And, like ubertechie once said, hobbos have a lesser base and they could be deploy without give problem of space on the field.


IMO depends on your priorities:

Orcs equals the hobgoblins for shooting capabilities, they are more resistant thanks to armor and T4 (more thanks to T4 than armor…) and could fight. If you give them a shield they could even act as a decent fighting/shooting unit. But They will not excel in neither capabilities.

Costwise I’d say that 60 points for Orcs is a way better deal than 50 points for hobgoblins BUT …

Hobgoblins do not fill your precious special choices slot… OK, we do not have so many special options but you’d like to leave home without your mandatory 4 bolt throwers and Black Orcs? If you want more bolts or a couple of rockets you have no place for more orcs.

Core slot and smaller bases make bowhobgobbos better than orcs… but as I told you it depends on your priorities.

:hat off

Groznit Goregut:

Don’t the orcs have a higher point of Ld, too? I figure that these guys will be on the flanks and away from the general’s leadership, so it matters.

If you have spare special slots, it doesn’t make that much of a difference. If you aren’t short on points and have spare special, then go for it.


If you are using them as a back-up role, then Orcs are best. They are so much more flexible and can hold off units much better, even have the ability to win combat against fast cavalry.

Border Reiver:

Agreed, if you have the special slot available, then arrer boys are slightly better, due to their Ld and fighting ability, but not so much that they are a must


I go Hobgoblins myself, cheap, core, and shield my Blunderbusses until I get the CD’s into firing range.


Orc archers are not a bad option IMHO; I usually use them for Hellcannon guard duty.

Our specials are the weakest section of the list IMHO. So I usually take in order of priority: by throwers, black orcs, Orcs big uns or orc arrer boyz.


Personally My specials are Bolt Throwers, Death Rocket, and Sneaky Gits. I use the cheap Hobgobs to take the heat when advancing the Blunderbusses. I don’t use a Hell Cannon, I play mainly at GW and the Hell Cannon isn’t allowed in the army.

Alan the evil:

I should prefear to use special choices for BT/death rocket and Black orcs taking hobbos like archers…

I posted different lists in armylist section because of FIGW (italian federation) limitation.

And I don’t use hellcannon too beacuse it’s not allowed in italian CD lists…


ORc arrer boyz are crap as hobgoblins when it comes too archers

Alan the evil:

crap? I’m not so sure about this…

I wondered if they could be usefull here
and many people started to let me think about their use.

I always had some problem on flanks with light cavalries that smashed my war machines in turns 3 and 4 and threated my strong blocks in last turns…
but using some archers I get weak light cavalries and they don’t work so well
So I have more turns for shoot to enemy troops in the center of the field with war machines
Result is that during last turn my hard blocks are not threated and they front weaker units…
And if we front armies without fast cavalry we can use them like small units for bait and flee (another point for hobbos).
I don’t think that 20 archers are crap.
We only must to talk about which kind of archers… but I alredy said my opinion.

Da Crusha:

Thanks for all the reply’s. Im starting to think that one unit of orc arrer boyz are a much better choice for me since I ussually only field 3 special unit choices, I was thinking I can keep one unit of orc arrer boyzx behind a unit hobgobbos, so that when hobgobbo archers flee there can be some orcs behind to continue the shooting. of course I cant position the orcs too close but this can be a good way to take advantage of the hobgobbos not causing panic in anyone.


I actually am a fan of Hobgoblin archers. For their cheap cost, the ability to have massed shooting with range is a very nice option! I need to find a way to squeeze them in my current list, and I can probably manage it.


I aways find a way to get some HobGoblin archers into my army.

Da Crusha:

yeah, I really like hobgobbo archers too, but I think the orcs are better in h+h and the 1 extra point more than pays for it in my opinion. one thing I dont like is that I just finished converting 25 hobgobbo archers:(



They’re cheaper. While they may be T3 and not have Choppa… they’re not meant for combat. Plus they won’t cause panic in any Orc troops you have.

They also don’t use up a special slot, which for some people gets tight on them.

If you’re concerned about armor, they can be given light armor OR shield OR both! For archers, just a shield would do (as the off chance they DO get into combat, they’ll have a 5+ save… which with a lot of S4 these days… allows them to keep a save).

If the opponents unit is a little wider than normal, they have less of a chance of getting full attacks.

Hobby standpoints:

Hobgoblins (classic or converted) should be much easier to rank up. So they’ll be less frustrating that way. The Orc arrer boys are a real pain to rank up properly.

Fluff standpoints:

Hobgoblins fit in so much better… especially for greenskins being used for the purposes of archery. Hobgoblins wouldn’t want to turn the back on the Orcs… but the Chaos Dwarfs might use the threat of Hobgoblins with bows behind the Orcs to keep them in line.


Hobgoblin Archers with shields and armor, sacrilegious.

Ranked archers? Who ranks archers (except on hills)?

I’ve been having succcess using the Hobgoblins as a meat shield for my Blunderbuss units. Line of 10 in front of the Blunderbusses (and sometimes Dwarf Warriors) so they get the brunt of the punishment while getting the Blunderbusses into position to kill things.