[Archive] Orc points costs


I don’t have a current orc and goblin army book and don’t feel the need to purchase the whole book to get the 1/4 page of info on orc boyz that I need. Could somebody list the points costs for da boyz and black orcs and their equipment options and costs and for command costs?

Hashut’s Blessing:

Unfortunately, we can’t post that. Sorry.

Lord Zarkov:

Unfortunatly it’s Illegal to post stats and points values, so we can’t (though I would if I could)

And seing as you need the O&G book for things such as animosity (for hobgoblins) as well as for the O&G themselves you’ll probably just have to end up buying it. At least the CD list is free and another O&G book won’t be coming out for a while.


Borrow the book from a friend. :slight_smile:

Hashut’s Blessing:

Apologies, it slipped my mind that you couldn’t even post points costs. But, yeah, you would have to have the book for at a tournament or something anyway and very few people outside of tournies accept “Well, these guys on tinernet said that it was true…”.