[Archive] Orcs/Black Orcs?

Golder Goldeater:

What do field your Orc/Black Orc models inn a LoA list?

Thommy H:

I don’t think anyone does. What you could do is run your Chaos Dwarf units as allies for Warriors of Chaos, and use Orcs as counts-as Marauders and Black Orcs as counts-as Chaos Warriors, but obviously you’d be limited in terms of what LoA units you could field that way.


You could do the orcs as hobgoblins, not really orcy enough though.


You cant really use them as they are not on 20 mm bases…


Well, then put them on a different base! :wink:

Thommy H:

All models should be based on the bases they’re provided with. Orcs and Black Orcs go on 25mm ones.


Well, then put them on a different base! ;)

Rebasing orcs to go on 20mm bases so you can use them as hobgobs...? wont work, most orcs have trouble lining up on the bases the should be on (:

But you can always play a game using the Ravening Hordes list and not the new Tamurkhan list, than you can still use them (:


could you not just use Orcs and Goblins as an allied contingent? I can’t remember the rules on it exactly but should allow you to get the units you want in your army.

Thommy H:

There aren’t any rules for allies outside of multiplayer games and that one scenario in the rulebook (Gold and Glory? Something like that). So there’s really no way to do it with LoA.

Golder Goldeater:

I’ll just play Ravening hordes and get it over with :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Besides, for the typical 1500p matches, the old ravening hordes will work better.


There aren't any rules for allies outside of multiplayer games and that one scenario in the rulebook (Gold and Glory? Something like that). So there's really no way to do it with LoA.

Thommy H
That's rubbish, when did that happen?! I'm sure you used to be able to but I guess that happens when you go off the grid for a few years.

I'm sure in a friendly game people won't mind you playing with say 1500pts Chaos Dwarfs and 500pts O&G if they're both legal armies in their own terms.

Thommy H:

You haven’t been able to take allies in the main rules since 5th Edition. So, like, 12 years ago or something?


…Or you can:

1) Use Thommy’s list which is a great deal of fun :slight_smile:

2) Just ask your opponent to field Black Orcs as a special choice following rules & costs of the O&G armybook. All my friends would allow me to do that (the idea of Blorcs slaves is just too good for CDs)


Too pricey or useless compared to the CHaos Dwarf infernal guard. Would defeat the purpose


You haven't been able to take allies in the main rules since 5th Edition. So, like, 12 years ago or something?

Thommy H
Yep sounds about right, I don't think I played a single game of 6th or 7th.

Shame really, would allow you to take more varied lists having 25% as allies. The problem with LoA is there's no similar unit or even 25mm based unit which you could proxy so it's never going to work.


I use black orcs as slave drivers in my hobgoblin units as slave drivers depending on size i use 4-5 they will work on 20mm bases with hobgoblins no prob. I tend to put one per row or even as a command grouping. it looks really good

Lava Lord:

:hat  I’ve chatted with a few of ya’ll on this.  And my opinion is multi  fold, 1st) in the beginning of the GW rule book it is mentioned that this game is for fun and the printed rules are a guide to use.  It up to us to enjoy it.  

2nd)  Chaos Dwarves are a slaver community.  And it is a matter of record the the orcs and goblins were and are the main slave community of the CD’s.  The CD’s as a matter of record go on regular slaving expositions to get slaves from all the lands.  There have been rules put forth by the Ravening Hordes, the Indy GT, and Tommy H’s hard work. :idea Orc’s, goblins, and black orcs have fought with the CD’s for a long time.  Most have been slaves, some not…

3rd)  It is the CD’s that created the black orcs.  That creation was almost their demise!!! :mask  This is also of written record …!!

4th)  The LoA is one of many legions, based on the Forge World  book…  Now we have other printed rules that were before FW.  All that are pertinent make the game a whole and more enjoyable hobby, when used.  I have heard already of other legions and more will follow.  

5th)   As already said,  We check with our gaming partners, game clubs, local events, and GW functions.  If they say cool, use the established, written rules.  If a event / club has restrictions for one of their events that is their right.  But as several of ya’ll have stated your friends and locals don’t object.  You may have to configure your army to meet some rules, so be it.  Among friends though, I believe that good logic and sense will prevail.  

Be sure to have the rules you use handy to show for info and example…

Man got a little long winded, but that is a all inclusive point.  Enjoy the hobby and good times… :hat off

Grimbold Blackhammer:

I’m not much of a fluff-guy to be honest mostly because it changes from edition to edition. But the current fluff, since that was the crux of a lot of your post Lava Lord, doesn’t do much to support your idea. That being said, if you can convince someone to allow you to field orcs in your LoA list, go ahead. Personally I’m just glad my locals are willing to let me field Chaos Dwarves at all.

Grimbold Blackhammer