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Gar Shadowfame:

There are 2 orc units capable of having magic banner, Big’Uns and Black Orcs. Following are described as "see the entries in the Orcs & Goblins army list. Everything to this point is clear. The tricky bit is, can those 2 units use O&G magic standards or they have to come from common or CD only magic standards selection.

I personally would prefer the first option, as it gives CD more variety but are O&G units truly O&G or they are just following the same rules and have same names.

Ancient History:

Not clear. A unit of Ogre Kingdoms Ironfists can specifically (given the errata) take a magic banner from the OK list, but they’re a mercenary unit.

Father Grumpmas:

The discussion about orcs taking magic banners has cropped up many times with many options

1. Black Orcs and Big Uns can take banners from O&G list

2. Black Orcs and Big Uns can take banners from CD list

3. Black Orcs and Big Uns can’t take any magic banners in a CD army (my personal view).

Many unoffical FAQ and opinions have come out, usually favouring the second option, but it was interesting to note that the extra rules issued for the US GT’s (the nearest thing we have to an offical update of the Ravening Hordes CD list to 7th Warhammer) specific states (in capitals!) that Black Orcs can not take a magic banner. They forgot about Big Un’s though!


It seems that as written the implication is that they can take a magic banner but from the CD list. This makes the most sense with GWs push to make each army a self contained entity,

Hashut’s Blessing:

I don’t think, fluffwise, it’s logical that Big 'Uns would have one and possibly not BOs, but read as written, you can. However, in the spirit of the rule, rather than the wording (which is what GW always saysto follow), I’d say they can use CD banners only. It adds a little flexibility to the tactics as well, which can be useful in such a restricted list.


I think that black orcs are able to take a magic banner from the O&G list as it says in the CD army list under special:

0-1 units of Black Orcs see entry in the O&G list.

in the O&G list black orcs are able to take a magic standard worth 50 pts from their magic items.

this might just be the way i am reading in to it but thats how i think it works :hat

Da Crusha:

Does anybody have anything “official” that I can bring to a tournament? I wouldn’t want anyone to think I’m trying to cheat.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Officially, it is CD and common only.

Da Crusha:

K thanx

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Border Reiver:

So looking at RAW, Big-uns and Black Orcs can take a magic banner, because their entry in the O&G army book says they can.

But have we been looking to see if we could to think if we should? These are slave units after all and why would slavers let their potentially unreliable slaves have such a powerful item? For that matter, I would question having big 'uns in a DZ army - since these are the “leaders in waiting” as it were for the O&Gs, would it not make sense for the supposedly ruthless DZ slavemasters to kill the potential leaders of the next slave revolt?


I agree with BR.

As a CD Lord, I’ll not let my slaves get a magic banner - however the Common Magic Item Banner, is another story. It is not giving them so much power after all.


Officially, it is CD and common only.

Hashut's Blessing
WHY? Cuz you interpret rules like this? Is there any FAQ or something?


Actually of you check the Wiki the FAQqs from White Dwarf are there and I believe its covered there.