[Archive] Orctoberfest!


For anyone in the Alberta/British Columbia area (or anyone else that wants to come), Jose Arocena is running Orctoberfest again (although due to timing constraints, it will be held in the last weekend of September).


There’s six guys coming from Edmonton, a few from Quesnel, Zobo, you and your group should give it a try too - I know you’re about six hours away.

Email Jose at mr.arocena@gmail.com to let him know.

It has been a blast the last few years, this one should be no different.


Is it all Orcs and Beer?


Maybe you should get a sponsor. It worked for these guys:

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They actually do have two sponsors:

One is Armoury Toys and Hobbies, the other is Great White Entertainment.


Sounds awesome. Too bad it’s a 15-hour drive :stuck_out_tongue:


Sadly, I won’t be able to make it. A lot of uncertainties here has meant my family has entered ‘hoarding’ mode as it relates to funds.


15? You in Saskatchewan, Nico?


15?  You in Saskatchewan, Nico?

Yes, I'd need to take off two work days on either side for driving. Even leaving at 5am, with maybe 4 30-minute stops along the way, I'd be getting there at 10pm the night before the tournament and will be totally haggard. None of this is really enough to put me off the idea, however, as I've done 12+ hour drives to get to karate competitions and things before. No, the part that puts me off the idea is how deep of a hole I will have dug for myself by leaving my wife with the kids for 4 days while I'm off gaming and having fun. You can be sure that sending her on an all-expenses-paid trip to the destination of her choice for as many days somehow wouldn't make up for it ;)



Heh. I can appreciate that.