[Archive] Other Hat's styles for Chaos Dwarfs favorite for you(1)


If the new Chaos Dwarfs dont’t have Hats style Ancient Asirian…

What guy other Hats favorite for you ?

1 - Style Greco-Roman :

2 - Style Celtic :

3 - Style 1º World War :

:hat off :hat off :hat off

Kera foehunter:

i say pirate  hats :hat off:hat off


Double post? I’d rather have masks personally.


Double post? I'd rather have masks personally.

Yes sorry :(, please delete the my another poll.

And in this poll, my favorite Hat's style is the 1º World War.

Border Reiver:


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mordheim possessed hats


3rd edition or marauder style helms, aka mini chaos warrior look.


If we can’t have big hats I’d definetely prefer the masks.

Those possessed hat and masks combo looks pretty good, though I still like the daemon cannon crew style better.


Having seen the other ones, the possessed hats look quite cool and the mini chaos warrior hats are neck and neck. I’d probably go for masks overall though, maybe some priests having the possessed hats.


mordheim possessed hats

CD's with hoods and pointed hoods ? Then is equal that the Hobgoblins...

Tarrakk Blackhand:

I’m thinking the same thing. Those hats are awesome for the Hobgoblins, but would probably be wrong for CD’s.

WWI German Pikelhaube baby!

I think it can still work with Hashut.


I voted for the WWI option, as if they had hats, that is what I’d like.

I prefer helms however.


I´m (curiously enough) a fan of the old 3rd edition marauder style helmets! :cheers



If they had to have some kind of hats, I guess some kind of Sumerian ceremonial headgear wouldn’t be too bad.


Last time I checked, a Pickelhaube was a HELMET, not a hat. It was rigid, not soft. It just lacked all the cool features of something like the Stahlhelm had (ear coverage for defense against concussion/shockwave, wider rim, leather liner, etc)

Looking at the poll, you should probably provide some Hats for us to choose from and not several styles of Helmet…

Da Crusha:

marauder style helmet is my favorite but I have always liked the possessed warband hoods. I have even started a unit of them so I have about 10


as GRNDL pointed out these are helmets, but out of them the prussian one suits the chaos dwarfs the best, but overall none of them trump any current designs (in my subjective opinion :P)
on second thoughts though, tarrak has done a great job on that death rocket crew. So it could work,


I might add, a pickelhaube is uncomfortable, tends to sit badly, and can give you one hell of a headache.

I’d prefer new chaos dwarves to be in the hell cannon style to be honest.


Assyrian all the way, it has an older darker feel of doom



Border Reiver