[Archive] [Otherworld] New evil dwarf


Not exactly a Chaos Dwarf - but an undead/zombie dwarf is good enough, for me:


Will be available in October :smiley: Think in a set of 3 demi-human zombies.


Very nice figure!

One question … is there any miniatures related forum in the web in which you are not visit regularly? :wink:



Some paints miniatures - others surfs the interweb dreaming about it - guess which category I’m in :smiley:

But no, I do not visit them all - but I do have a soft spot for the things Richard Scott (Otherworld) is trying to do. Bring all those beasts and creatures from my childhood back to life. Such a project is my attention - and a little plug here - worthy. He has commissioned some of the best sculptors - John Pickford, Poul Muller, Kev (the goblin master) Adams, Andrew Rae and a few upcoming talents - and the results are stunning.

Right now I’m waiting for these awesome goblins to show up:

But still so many other miniatures I would like to have from Otherworld - so that’s where I’ll be spending my money next coming months/years.


Nice! Gotta love undead dwarfs! Instead of braaaiiinss, it’l be - guuhh…gooold…


Cool looking Model, though those goblins could do with a look in i think, very nice. :hat off


Otherworld ,re-creating a warm fuzzy feeling from the birth of D&D :hat They are fantastic minis i can’t resist especially since my daughter took up adventuring :hat Though i do still have most of my minis from the day ,Slowly painting them


I bought some otherworld hobgoblins, They are fantastic, If he did big hats i would gobble them up in their 10’s


I love the the Otherworld stuff, reminds me of good old times…