[Archive] Our Works Reborn (a chaos dwarf tale)


hello I am brand new to the forums here and am impressed by the devotion to the Chaos Dwarfs I see around me. Here is my first post about the workings of my Chaos Dwarf character. I will update it regularly hope you all enjoy, it would be good for feedback if you can, thanks.

Diary of Golthrak Blastlab, entry 34

Experiment thirty five failed today. After weeks of promise and signs of growing improvement the creature�?Ts skin began to writhe and squirm, causing immense pain to it. Eventually the intensity of the flailing caused skin to fall off in clumps revealing muscle tissue below. I stabbed it through the head to cease the screams, it was disturbing my dinner.

I have resolved to begin the process again and have sent my hobgoblin servant, Kiblik, out to find more potentials. The process wears on me; after 35 failed attempts I have doubts if my efforts will ever come to fruition. I hold in my arms the, once thought lost, tomes of my ancestors, that describe the ancient process to me. I have poured over the blackened sickening words every day since I found them deep in the mountains.

It seems a millennia ago to me now but when I concentrate I realise it was only two years prior that I went on that expedition into the north of the mountains. There I found it amidst the ruins of that ancient place.  Clasped within the gnarled skeletal fingers of a long dead dwarf, were the blackened pages of the archaic tome. I remember seeing skeletons around him untouched for untold centuries, Chaos Dwarfs, Orcs, Goblins and even a Black Orc. Oh what had happened in that place; my mind often wonders back there to that ruined shell, that desolate and long forgotten place high in the mountains hidden away from the world around it. How long had it been there? How had that dwarf managed to take the tomb there and not be intercepted and why had no one ever found it until now?

Oh the questions leap at me daily but now after that hellish year of struggle for my prize I sit in my hidden laboratory alone with my work, but for the gibbering of my Hobgoblin servant.

The things I did to keep hold of this ancient work, murder of my own kin, the slaves did not matter but my own brothers! Though these acts torment me I see the light given to me by Hashut, they had to die, no one but I could glean the knowledge of the tome, they were not worthy of it, Hashut told me so. There was only one solution, death, death for any and all who had come to that place with me and seen those doomed ruins, I have repulsed my regrets and carry on with my mission.

The mission sent to me by the Bull headed god himself, I Golthrak Blastlab will create a new obedient race of slaves one that shall not rebel and cast us, their masters, aside. I shall reveal the secrets of this tome and create a new race of Black Orcs.

My master race that will shower the world in blood and bring glory to my kind, leading our way to the stars that we shall blacken with the choking cough of industry.


I like this!  Black Orcs Attempt #2. Great stuff, and a great first post!

I’m not aware of anyone on here who is really actively interested in the whole CD genetics program, so whether it’s just from a fluff point of view (even better a whole army!) it will be interesting to follow.

Stories that raise more questions than they answer are my favourite sort, but I was wondering if you were going to devlop on that bit about why the dwarf had a book on breeding black orcs?  Perhaps he had gone searching for proof to show the rest of his kin, and some mysterious accident came upon him as he fled home with the evidence?

I always thought that side of the fluff could be interesting to tie into clan moulder/ hellpit.



Have a look here for some inspiration.

Good stuff! I’ve always been interested in the Chaos Dwarf flesh-engineers. Their meddling with Orcs was particularly interesting because of how different it must be from the 50s-Radiation, eugenics, invasive surgery and Phazon-use that Clan Moulder go through - more like gardening, marking promising Orcs with runic tatoos and scars that affect the next batch of spores, slaughtering and burning those who don’t live up to expectations, keeping the “livestock” in isolated, lamp-lit caves to avoid contamination or undesirable spreading.


Ok guys thanks for the support here is the second instalment hope it is still enjoyable thanks for reading.

Diary of Golthrak Blastlab, entry 35

I began work on the new experiment, an Orc from the slave pits, today with new raised hopes after gleaning a few new key ideas from the old Dwarfs tome. I had been sprawling over the collected works for days looking back through the torn and ancient pages. It was always slow going as the work had been written in so many different languages. Dwarfish Runes, languages from the feeble human lands of the East and West and some dread language that seems akin to the Rats scrawl, all these were within the dusty pages. I have no idea how that pitiful Dwarf may have gathered such a variance into one tome all I know is what lay before me.

The words that once baffled me are becoming clearer as, thank Hashut, we have such a mass of different slaves in our realm that nearly all the languages could be interpreted for me by various different slaves; in fact I am translating the book little by little into one decisive tome that will signify my greatness all the more.

The Black Orc project to me had been our greatest triumph and our blackest darkest failure to the great Bull God and Gods are fickle creatures easy to anger, so I intend my new race to be our most devout plea for forgiveness from our Bull Lord.

So far various experiments have all ended in horrific failure, from the twice daily injection of warp powder into the skin and brain, to the mixture of various diseases with the warp powder and then injection into the mind. One crazy account in the book suggested a trial of zombification for the Orcs in a way that did not cause undeath, though I have no idea how that could have worked.

There were so many different and varied attempts and theories on how the creatures were created, that leads me to believe this dwarf must had been gathering information to prove that they were a created race however I do not think he may have ever known of our existence until the end of his trip that obviously ended with his death in our blackened mountains. What a foolish weakling to believe that others could have had the grace and hellfire of the Dawi Zharr, what a comical thought this is to me.

I know the true method of Black Orc creation must be in here somewhere and that with a simple fine tuning, from my divine genius, I could create the greatest, most obedient race of all time.

I began to bind the Orc to my wooden table and began to new feed this time pulsing it into the body through the eyes, one mad method that reached out at me from the tome. The new feed was a culmination of obsidian powder, warp stone powder and daemon ichor that Kiblik swiped from a Demonologist last week. This method was highly dangerous and I kept my hand on my pistol at all times fearing the worst. However my pistols close proximity was not merely because of my flailing experiments but also because of Kiblik whom I begin to loathe with greater force daily. I hear him mumbling to himself and I can swear sometimes they are threats to me and my works. Striking him once in a while makes my paranoia subside for times however I trust him less each day. Thinking sometimes that I won�?Tt wake from my sleep because of that filthy creature slitting my throat, I have resolved to sleep as little as possible to avoid my own death.

I would just kill him and replacer him if I had not needed his contacts with the slaves so, for he has become so integral to the work that he is nigh irreplaceable without setting the project back another two years. He knows the processes and the routines that must be performed, and Hashut knows I cannot perform them alone or with a dim witted new servant. How I loathe that I need him for this, when it is over I shall feast on him and devour his hobgoblin heart, �?oIt is my pleasure�?� I shall say and scoff at his offal with glee.