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Ancient History:

Let’s say, in a fit of madness or a sudden windfall, a player wanted to buy and assemble an entirely new Chaos Dwarf army. What would it look like, and more importantly, what would it cost? Let’s see!

To start off with, we’d look at Blood Bowl. The first thing that jumps out at you is the The Zharr-Naggrund Ziggurats boxed set (£29.95) which contains 8 Hobgoblins and 4 Chaos Dwarfs! Re-base these guys onto squares and you’re all set. Of course, Chaos Dwarfs can only be fielded in units of 10+. The obvious solution is to buy 5 sets, which gives you 40 Hobgoblins and 20 Chaos Dwarfs (at the measly price tag of £149.75!)

One minor quibble is that these units lack weapons or shields - no problem, we’ll head over to the Bitz page. For shields you’re spoiled for choice, but I think the Marauder shields (8 for £1.95) make the best buy and look pretty cool! Weapons are harder to come by; the best (and close to “only”) option are the Chaos Warrior Halberds (10 for £6.85), which can be cut down to make regular axes or used as great axes.

If you’re willing to pay out the schnozz and equip everybody with shields and halberds, then the core of your out-of-the-box Chaos Dwarf army would look like this:

10 Chaos Dwarfs w/great axes (110 points)

10 Chaos Dwarfs w/great axes (110 points)

10 Hobgoblins w/light armour and shields (40 points)

10 Hobgoblins w/light armour and shields (40 points)

10 Hobgoblins w/light armour and shields (40 points)

10 Hobgoblins w/light armour and shields (40 points)


380 points

£149.75 (models) + £41.10 (weapons) + £15.60 (shields)

= £206.45 + S/H + bases

And of course if you decide to go for a small unit of bull centuars (5+), the model to go for is Hthark the Unstoppable (£11.75). You would then add to your list:

5 Bull Centaurs w/heavy armor (105 points)

Bringing the total up to 485 points, and the cost up to:

£58.75 (models) + £6.85 (weapons) + £1.95 (shields) + £206.45 (previous)

= £274.00 + S/H + bases

That brings you up to 500 points - going higher you could select a single Chaos Dwarf or Hobgoblin Bloodbowler (£4.90 each) as a hero, or a single Hthark the Unstoppable (£11.75) as a hero. For special choices, we can raid the Orcs & Goblins. A box of Black Orcs (£14.70) has 10 models, and an Orc Warriors Regiment (£17.60) has 19 models.


You can get a lot more “out of the (BFSP) box” for much cheaper. Hell, you could get a better deal than this on eBay.

500 points for $500(CAD)? Fit of madness is right.

Thommy H:

I think the conclusion to draw from this is that using the currently available official Chaos Dwarf miniatures to build an army from scratch is completely unfeasible.

Ancient History:

That is the point I was getting at, aye.


Who would pay that much for 500 pts


Enh… if you need a handful of guys to fill in the corners. They work nicely for warmachine crews, I will say that. They could pass for characters too.

I bought a couple blisters for my first army, and didn’t regret it as they were at a much older price. I was more excited about the Bull Centaur guy (they had 2 blisters) that I found.

As someone already said: E-bay might be better.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Wow! This list just goes to show that GW needs to make some real Chaos Dwarfs!


Tarrak, i toaley agree!

Tarrakk Blackhand:

I do find the Blood Bowl CD’s don’t look like they could easily get out of their bloodbowl uniforms. I think I’d rather stick with converting the regular Dwarfs into CD’s.

Border Reiver:

The previous chaos dwarfs don’t look like they’d be able to get out of their armour easily let alone their jocks.

BFSP conversions are a much easier way to get into this army - and much cheaper.