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  • Oi, did yu hear dat? - The first hobgoblin started


    -Tha big boss started talkin tha he would finally gather his army! I did saw sum new stunties walkin’ into da garrison.

    -Ya really think tha Lord Zarasumthin is goin to join Ghortie’s horde? I think i heard sumthing like dat yersterday… a stuntie was talkin to sum new slavies…

    whip clacks

    - I dun know… he tried to rally sum to da Evrechusen’s Sturm, but they were just a small sum… and Thogie said da they only went talkin to ol’Gringor… takin sum spider-gobbos and stuff…

    - But Krug from da Hegemony said dat he was there, and saw some real beatin.

    whip clacks, slave scream

    -Heh, I bet dat hurt!

    whip clacks toward the hobgoblins

    Chaos Dwarf Galoer cryes:


    hobgoblins run towards the forges


    Welcome to my tower, fellows! The darkest tower on the southern walls of Zharr Naggrund!

    Having started gathering my host, got a BFSP and I’m now bringin it to life. I can already count with:

    A Death Rocket;

    A Earthshaker;

    2 Sorcerers (One being myself, of course!:D)

    A Evil Lord!:slight_smile:

    Some seriously armed stunties… great axes with a troll slave as filler!

    Some Gitz…

    Some gobbos…

    Some rare Ral Partha Hobbos Wolfriders!:slight_smile:

    Some Tilean from my Dogs Of War army as Bad Bandits and slave hunters… You know, that guys that capture slaves to sell at Zharr.

    And maybe, someday, a Lord on Taurus and some Ogres…

    When I read the fan-fiction on our steemed Word Of Hashut about old Ghorth talking to Rikhath about making Archaeon’s Storm look like a passing rain, I decide to permanently join the fray! Being an Astragoth supporter, however, brought to me the idea to have an personal army to represent Zaramuskharaz’ own household (and slaves, o’course::~), just waiting to be rallyed and march to the Old World!

    I’ll post some pics once I find my camera… I am seriouly thinking that my cat stole it.:smiley:



And I’ve always figured my CDs army walking over the Empire with all the Stunties and Hobgoblins singing this. With some slaves screaming in terror!

Kera foehunter:

now that is old !! that was lord of the rings thank god for technology

cool song thow


Please get those pics up asap! Otherwise this thread belongs elsewhere. :wink: