[Archive] Overthrow the Elves and Loot their (Christmas) Trees


This post is a bit premature for myself as it’s not quite after midnight Chrostmas Eve here, but it’s Christmas Day as far as the CDO clock is concerned. Happy Dec 25th!

Although I haven’t opened anything yet I’m suspecting I’m getting various and sundry hobby tools (my wife is always stealing my hobby tweezers, for example). I was also told not to buy any weathering power before Christmas ;)  I was also asked if one of the Doc-Oc type of clamp setups would be useful:

Oh yes it would!!  Fingers crossed that’s under the tree!  My fat fingers need all the help they can get.

Will update later on in the day once the kids have crashed from the overdose of candy and Santa-induced insanity…

So with that out of the way, what kind of loot did everyone get - gaming and/or Chaos Dwarf-related in particular?!  My wife is getting the card game Gloom in her stocking, looking forward to playing that, although I think it would really upset our oldest daughter :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Lord of the Rings director’s cut on blu-ray, petrol vouchers and money.

Oh, and chocolate.


gloom is a very enjoyable little game… too bad most of my friends suck at english and there’s no translated version yet…

anyways, its been a good year so far santa (well actually the christkind) brought me, amongst other stuff, skyrim, hobby store vouchers and a skullcracker! merry xmas y’all!


who thinks that it is possible to teach my 8 year old sister how to play dreadfleet?


My wife got me the ‘Mansions of Madness’ game from Fantasy Flight Games! The game looks fun, and the ‘monster’ miniatures included in the game are awesome -they will go perfectly with my ‘Strange Aeons’ setting!

Of course, the greatest gift of all was watching my kids run out into the living room, and my daughter yelling ‘He came! He came! Santa Claus came!’ There were lots of smiles and lots of laughter.

Best wishes and all my hopes for a great 2012 to everyone!


Loads of excitement and fun had by all at our house. Greatest thing was to have two kids in bed, all of the kitchen cleaned up and the house tidy again by 8pm. Wow… and that’s with my wife working today too :stuck_out_tongue:

I got my modular work holder

as well as some weathering powders, a load of Green Stuff, flock and other basing supplies, some Reaper miniatures, various kinds of hobby tweezers (and squeezers), lots of money (local game store has 25% off starting tomorrow) and some new running stuff, sneakers, socks, etc., in a not so subtle hit from my wife that my 6-year-old running shoes need to go :wink:

My best gift of all, of course, was seeing my wife and daughters so happy today.



Got Chaos in the Old World. Not suitable for only two players though, so it won’t get much use for a long while. Also got the card game Dominion. Gave the rules a quick skim. Then a detailed perusal. Then again. Wow, those rules are confusing.

Doing a proper Christmas with children - doing their Lego while they sleep. Space shuttle and house completed so far!


Spent most of the day assembleing the Barbie Malibu dream house, dream camper, Legos, Thomas the Tank Engine stuff etc.

Oh you mean me?

12-year reserve Glen Levit, gift cards to DIY store. Speyside 10 year old scotch, flannel boxers, etc


My dad got me some socks! (yes, really)… plus Drazhoath, so it’s not all bad. :smiley:

Merry christmas everyone.


Electric toothbrush, socks, chocolate orange and a box of skaven for me!


A coffee machine, RC monster truck and a cuddly Mars.


New camera, couple of bottles of cointreau, a Dalek T-Shirt, and a box of chocolate “freckles” are among the high-lights and a possible broken toe (I wish I could paint those beautiful shades of purple and yellow), curtesy of a tree root in the sandy path to a beach. Yes a beach with swimming and waves and bikinis and waves … Ha_Ha for those who do tend to have a white christmas.


Spartacus: Blood and Sand, a new footprint for my (oversized, but awesome) tent… which’ll come in handy if the weather is as shitty in the alps as it was this summer, some money, the latest Harry Potter and a bottle of Glenkinchie 12y.

In two days it’s my birthday, so I still have a lot of gifts coming :smiley:


… nothing!

Only the children get many presents - not me!

But I will donate my self Zonk’s AssCannon! :smiley:



Bought myself a new pc & Star Wars the old republic collectors edition. Guess those are my x-mas gifts :slight_smile:


My wife got me the 'Mansions of Madness' game from Fantasy Flight Games! The game looks fun, and the 'monster' miniatures included in the game are awesome -they will go perfectly with my 'Strange Aeons' setting!

Mansions of Madness is awsome!

That said I got some credit at the local gaming shop, and lots of $$$. Here some some Dark Eldar ^^

If only there was something new for me to buy from FW :< WTB Characters.


FW Infernal Guard with Fireglaves, Infernal Command, Tamurkhan Throne of Chaos, and some money that will go toward building Zharr Naggrund!