[Archive] �?oWillmark�?Ts First (and probably) only Throw Around Your Input Poll!�?�


OK, here�?Ts the deal: I�?Tve been having so much fun on my army blog and with everyone that has been following it, that I�?Tm going to give everyone a chance to have their say:

Here�?Ts the details/rules:
* 1 week poll to decide.
* I will work on that component to the army next, based on highest number of votes.
* All those who are part of the �?owinning suggestion�?� will get some slaves from the Ye �?~Olde personal slave pen! Number of slaves to be determined based on just how many people vote for said component! I got a lot but its not unlimited! :wink:

Also, bear in mind considerations/work for GHV could potentially trump work on winner, but they winning choice will be done next.

Choices are as follows:
1) Bull Taurus and Rider
2) 10 Hobbo Wolf Riders
3) 10 Hobbo Archers
4) 20 CD warriors with great axes
5) 15 Blundies
6) Death Rocket
7) Count as Army Standard

So you guys get to choose and I get to assume the role of humble painting slave! Yah me :wink:

Mods feel free to delete this if its too distracting to anything else that is going on, on the site.


BBs… they are a minimum core choice… and their a good one…

Thommy H:

Hobgoblin Wolf Riders - best unit in the game. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without them.


The old wolfriders were my favorites, can’t wait to see your take


I’d like to see what you can come up with for a Death Rocket. You have a sizable army already.


well thats my concern…

he doesn’t have 2K core… yet he has 2 rares and 2 lord choices…

while I admit that wolfboyz are an awesome unit… I think you should aim for legal armylist first…

I know cause I can remeber getting really excited and buying like 3 earthshakers…

or that time I painted all 10 of my bullcentaurs before I painted any core… long haul after that…

on that legal note tho… I’d make your BB unit 20 strong… so 21 (7x3) with character…

so that you can split it into thunderers if you have to use dwarf rules…


Good points all.

Not too worried about being legal just yet, I’m still a ways of from playing just yet. I plan on two units of blundies, each at 15. At the rate I’m going I’m not too worried. Core looks fun and I look foward to adding more units there. My whole painting time thus far has been paint whatever siezed my imagination…

I won’t let out which unit I really was planning on… You guys get to decide!

Pyro Stick:

I voted for blunderbuss. They are probably the most interesting unit out of the choices there.


gotta love the BB action WM


Right, let’s see some blunderbusses, sir!

Kera foehunter:

i vote hobbo archers!!!


I went for Blunderbusses too, but mainly because thats the next unit I’m going to work on, so I’m looking for some inspiration/competition. :slight_smile: Also, the GHV sort of put a slant on the decision.

Aside from that, I’d love to see Taurus conversions. It seems to epitomize the CD ideal and makes for a very cool model.


'orly there Kera?


One word, Willmark: “Blunderbusses” :slight_smile:


20 CD warriors with great axes, so you can count them as ether dwarfs in the dwarfs army list or chaos warriors in the HoC list or use them in the CD list for friendly play.

IMHO, you should hold off on making any Hobbo units until the new CD army book comes out.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I say, make sure you get the GHV model done on time etc, but go for a unit of 20 GW wielding warriors. Not seen any warriors posted by anyone for some time and in the future, it means less rank and file to paint. I’m curious though, what would you have painted if nobody had replied?


HB- Actually I’m using the week until the poll is over for my Golden hat entry! Sometimes me smart, ugh!

As far as what I was going to paint I won’t say until the poll is over, I don’t want to unduly influence the voting. Besides its about you guys deciding. And the response is varied which I’m quite suprised by.


Dwarf warriors is always good to have so I say, paint them


BBs, woo woo!


Blunderbusses Where else would you stick your sorcerer? :hat

Lets see what you come up with for them :stuck_out_tongue: