[Archive] 'Painted' armour?


For a model I am soon to be painting I was wondering how best to show corrosion on it.  Its a Lord of Nurgle.

How do the Chaos warriors colour their armour?  It wouldn’t be forged a different colour (unlikely anyway), so they must paint it with something.

If it were a 40k model I would show erosion by painting mithril silver in patches (fresh chips), then boltgun metal inside to show where its aged.

Would this be similar for warhammer?

Or should I do it similar to this, where its more dirty than actually chipped off

Kera foehunter:

I think it look great if you do it just like the picture.

it seam just enough rust without over doing it


Well, chaos armor is chaos armor. It  could be forged in about any color you could think of (and probably a few that would snap your mind like a twig).

Any other sort of ancient armor that would be colored like that would probably be enameled, so you could treat it the same as you would Marine armor. The rusty look on that Terminator is a good bet.


I usually do corrosion with a thin wash of 50% Chestnut Ink and 50% orange (blazing orange, I think it is).

Hashut’s Blessing:

You could do some parts chipped (as you suggested), add some browns and bronzes and brown/chestnut washes in for dirt and corrosion too…


I mostly achieve an aging result by using numerrous washes. Here’s an example:


I usually start with the metallic color. I usually chose Chainmail, as the darker colors don’t show all the inks…

I then use a mix of inks…

one mix is brown ink, green ink, yellow ink, red ink and black ink. equal parts of every thing and then 1/4 part black.

another mix is green, yellow and brown inks.

a third mix is yellow, brown and red inks.

depending on what you want it to look like, I am sure you can come up with ink combinations that will certainly look nice on your models…

puppet host:

i like that colour scheme i think it will look awesome good luck