[Archive] PAINTED MINIATURES for SALE - commissions also taken


Hi there guys!

allow me to introduce myself.

My name is DEAN CLAYTON and Im the owner of HEAD HUNTER STORE.

I sell painted statues of movie, horror and comic book heroes and villians.


I also have a large selection of PAINTED Games Workshop miniatures for sale.


I started HHS to help put me through school this next 2 years ( im going to be a teacher). So please do take the time to have a look at what’s on offer on my site…if Im not wrong, there should be something of some appeal to everyone here.

COMMISSIONS: I also undertake painting commissions - If you look at the PAINTING SERVICE tab on my site, for full details.

I hope to be of some use also to the community here, as I have been a long time Chaos Dwarf player, and worked for GW for 15 years in 4 countries.


Ive also taken the liberty of adding the CHAOS DWARF ONLINE banner to my site.

I thought it the right thing to do.

- Dean.