[Archive] Painted pics of new Mantic Goblins


Thommy H:

They’re metal, aren’t they? If they were plastic, I’d be all over them at Mantic prices, but there are loads of good metals out there already.


They look like Goblins that have stolen Skaven clothes.


Need more skin showing imo.

If they are metal (even if they’re plastic actually) they should have more variety in pose.

Thommy H:

Why do you want more variety than that in a unit of ranked infantry? They should all be facing roughly the same way and pointing their spears in the same direction. I know goblins are supposed to be a little rowdy and disorganised, but they should at least look as if they’re capable of sticking the sharp end of their weapons in the correct place at the correct time.


Metal. And too much to bother with. Mantic should stick to plastics. If I’m gonna pay those prices I might as well stick with you know who…

Thommy H:

Shame. Forty of these in plastic would have made a great, cheap Hobgoblin horde.


If they are all metal they could have for example some with spear in the left hand, some holding in 2 hands, some with spear raised high etc. The legs are not in very similar poses, so that’s better than GW can do! :wink:

Thommy H:

Sorry, I’m trying not to be a pedant, but it’s a fact of warfare that a unit that fights with its weapons held in all sorts of different ways is asking for a kicking! If you’re fighting in an infantry block with shields, you need to all be holding the shield on the same side, or the formation is instantly vulnerable to being ripped in half by a determined charge. I think there’s plenty of variation in the poses of this unit.


Hmm, not bad at all. Not a fan of mantic stuff but these guys look alright. Remind me of gnoblars actually.


If we are going to be pedantic then technically does it matter exactly how the models are posed? (Beyond the most basic appropriate stance) After all they are not frozen in that exact moment in “reality”, but would actually be moving about. So at the critical few moments they might be more cohesive than the pose, I guess we could call ready but somewhat at ease.
Most minis aren’t in an actual combat pose anyway.

Not quite liking the noses.

And these not being plastic makes no sense to me. Normally one needs lots of Goblins. Other than hearing Renedra is swamped with work so plastic kits are sorta bottlenecked now it would seem.


They look like Goblins that have stolen Skaven clothes.

Why not? Goblins steal everything else.

Thommy H:

It doesn’t matter in that sense how they’re posed, no, but if they’re to be posed in any way, I’d prefer it to be in such a way that they look like they’re fighting or about to fight very soon. After all, I’m using them to simulate a battle - models of goblins sitting around in the barracks probably wouldn’t create quite the same visual spectacle.


i like them.

the only problem i see is that they are only ten.

metal might be a bit tricky to glue but i’ll endure it.


plastic i would of bought, Metal, No sale to expensive for 3 pt models.


They’d make good hobgoblins, depending on how tall they are…


I quite like them just a shame they’re not in plastic! Hmmm… I remember when I used to refuse to buy plastics… How times have changed!


I quite like them just a shame they're not in plastic! Hmmm... I remember when I used to refuse to buy plastics... How times have changed!

I know me to, Complete 180'ed Now it MUST be plastic for rank and file.


They’re nice, kind of a goblin/gnoblar cross over, but why make goblins of all things in metal…

Also, the open mouth looks quite amateurishly sculpted, like they’ve had to make the mouth slightly too big to fit in all the teeth.


They made them in metal…? When the only realistic competition for plastics would have been the god-awful GW plastic goblins…? …wot? Surely a titanic blunder? They could have sold boatloads of plastic gobbos…

They’re not bad, but they’re not particularly interesting either.