[Archive] Painted skaven for sale



I finally decided what to do with my Island of Blood Skavens: paint and sell them!

But before putting them on sale on Ebay I decided to offer them here in advance.

You can find pictures here:


PM for prices and details about shipping.

Keep in mind I’m in Italy in Europe but if you buy them before March the 6th I can ship them from US. I will be in New York from March the 7th to March the 12nd. So I will be able to lower the cost of shipping to US customers! :hat off

I left bases undone if so you can paint them to match your army and lower the overall costs. If you prefer I can paint them as you favour with an extra cost.


What price are we talking about here?


They are now on Ebay along with some other stuff:


Keep in mind I do combine shipping :slight_smile: