[Archive] Painting advice: Doing realistic looking blood


I’m painting another one of Sjoerd Tourwee’s CDs: the executioner - and I think I would like to cover the big blade with blood.

Any ideas how to do realistic looking blood - wet, sticky but also coagulated. Perhaps even a link to a cool tutorial.


Mix 1 part red paint to 3 parts copydex adesive together well and apply to the desired area, Flicking wiht toothbrush can aslo give a blood splattererd effect.

Da Crusha:


click the next button and there are several different ways to paint blood


i use the foundation paint red and drag it from the blade edge to about the middle of the bland along the length of the blade , then i do the same again with blood red but make sure not to cover all of the base coat of red as this makes it look like its starting to dry


I use blood red, with a tiny bit of red gore and some brown ink, equally mixed with 'ardcoat gloss varnish.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Evil Clown has a great method. I think it’s something like Blood Red, Brown Ink, Black Ink and maybe Scab Red, but applied individaully, not as a mix, lol.


For blood I use Tamiya Clear Red. You don’t need to mix it up or something, you can use it just out of the pot. It looks like this: http://chaos-dwarfs.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=6867
Sometime I also mix Scab Red with Cestnut Ink, it looks like crusted blood, pretty nice…

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Tamyia Transperant Red. Paint it over some Blood Red. Looks really good!


I use a red wah and flesh wash, after the model is varnished…


Thanks guys - lots of good advice. Knew it would be a good idea asking here.

I’ll run a few tests and see what I like best - But think I’ll go for some with a gloss effect. Have heard that Clear Red Tamiya-thing before. I’ll try to dig that up somewhere at eBay - so I can try that out, too.


Lovely Zombies :smiley: Like your blood - when you say flesh wash - is it then the old Citadel flesh wash ink you are using? Or what makes it look that shiny?


Tamiya Clear Red is sold in pretty much any model store worldwide. Its not hard to get. Also, you really need to use it over red paint, otherwise it will look like strawberry sauce.

To those suggesting just painting red on something: use GW Scab Red and while its still wet, dab thinned black into it, maybe a bit of brown. Let dry, then put your Tamiya Clear Red on top. Blood is dark and nasty when outside of a body…