[Archive] painting goggles?

Blue in VT:

Can anyone point me toward info on how to paint goggles lenses? I have some WWII figures with dust goggles…and I can’t decide how to paint the lenses.




What colour do you want them to be? I remember Snotling’s goggle-recipe somewhere here on the site. It was mainly Snakebite Leather, if I recall correctly.

If you’d like a greenish hue to the glasses, my best bet would be the classic GW-gem recipe (black basecoat, darkgreen maybe mixed with a little bit of blue on most of the surface except for a thin bit of black on the bottom, then highlight the very edge with goblin or snotgreen).

Edit: http://www.chaos-dwarfs.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=488&page=2

That’s the link to his recipe, I knew I was right with the Snakebite :stuck_out_tongue:

Thommy H:

I’d do them like jewels. Here’s an example from one of my armies:

Not the most instructive picture, but if you look at the lenses you’ll see what I mean. You just do a basecoat in a dark colour, then paint half the disc in a lighter colour, then a smaller segment in a still lighter colour, then just do another couple of lighter layers right up to the edge, then put a dot of white on the opposite side.

Here’s the technique on a sphere, which doesn’t work as well, but demonstrates the concept better:


Ooh, that sphere is looking excellent :slight_smile:


If the are WWII goggles, then I would consider painting them blue like the ones shown in the picture below. From memory the dust goggles used by the German Afrika Korps were clear, and some were tinted. I am assuming that you are painting Africa Korps!?

Anyway here is the picture.

Note: These minis were not painted by me

1. Paint the lens with a medium blue.

2. paint the lower half of the lens in a light blue.

3. put a little dot of white in the high part of the lens, to show the reflection of the light source (the sun).

If the goggle lenses are the “sunken” type, as in this mini.

Note: This mini was not painted by me

I would use a different technique.

1. Paint the lense a light blue colour (lighter than what you want the final lense to be.

2. Once dry place a small amount of blue ink into the lense, it should fill the inner edges of the goggles.

3. Once dry, place a small dot of white (or really light blue) somewhere inside the middle of the lense.

This is how I did my 80s soviets. Except I used green instead of blue.

Blue in VT:

Wow guys thanks!!! That is a lot of great inffo that will helpe a lot.

Yea G2 the are some DAK troopers… The only issue I have that is different then the excellent examples given by everyone is that these goggles are more

like ski goggles the lenses are not perfectly round. But I think with this info I can come up with something that will work. I can share the results in a week.

Cheers…and thanks again.



Lol from the thread title I thought you were having trouble with sprayback from a brush or something :hat off


...from the thread title I thought you were having trouble with sprayback from a brush or something...

ha ha ha
I never thought of it like that. But reading the topic header, it does sound like it could be taken either way..... ha ha ha. Thanks for the good laugh Baggronor.


Wow! Its so beautiful, specially green color suite more and attractive also.

Blue in VT:

Well guys…here is a picture of the WWII figs that I finished with your advice on the goggles…as I went to paint them I found that the lenses were not very well defined on the sculpts so I did the best I could…I think they came out all right.  These were painted as an entry for the Lead Painters League Contest over at the Lead Adventure Forum…the theme was Africa so you got bonus points for meeting the theme and more points if you did a force and it opponents…so we have the DAK and some 8th army Brits.

Thanks again for the advice!




These look really good. Both Forces look excellent. My ONLY critisim and it is a very small one, is that the skin tone/colour looks a little pale for Africa troops, but having said that, it does contrast well with their uniforms. So I wouldn’t even bother trying to change it.

Good Luck on the Lead Painters League Comp. I will keep an out, next time I am over on that forum.

Blue in VT:

:hat off

Thanks George…I agree about the skin color…but as you mentioned the contrast makes them look better IMO…I tried one with a darker skin color and they look like brown blobs…which they are close to already.