[Archive] Painting Lava


How do you paint your good quality liquid rock? I have tried and tried but it never turns out right:~, any tips?


I just work up through the reds, oranges and up to golden yellow, but my results aren’t as good as Ishkur’s say

Ishkur Cinderhat:

My lava certainly is not realistic, but I think people get the idea when seeing my red blobs on the bases. :smiley:

I basically do the same as AGPO does, but add a final touch of white for the really hot parts.

Ghrask Dragh:

I would stick to the usual plan (red-yellow) and try to get some height between the lava and the rock so you can drybrush some dark reds and yellows over the black rock and make it look like its really glowing!!


I would certainly advocate that! I only do lava on scenic bases, and on my initial works I built the lava flows from green stuff. On my later ones I simply painted it direct onto the base and it looks far better as I can then drybrush some red on the black ash plains of the rest of the base, so that the lava looks more firey