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Hi guys haven’t been on this forum in ages but was shocked and delighted to see the new FW models for Chaos Dwarfs. I have the cannon on order and will probably buy the infernal guard asap.

My question is what are other peoples intentions when it comes to painting their forces. I’m going to try a dark red and gold colour scheme does anyone have any advice on how to accomplish this to its best?

Thommy H:

I'm going to try a dark red and gold colour scheme does anyone have any advice on how to accomplish this to its best?
My Warriors of Chaos army may interest you. I painted them in a very simple way:

- Basecoat the whole model in Mecrite Red
- A heavy highlight of Blood Red
- Add detail in Shining Gold (I mixed it with a bit of Blazing Orange to get a good "brass" look, since they're Khorne models, but it works fine without this)
- Paint any details in other colours - I limited myself to Boltgun Metal for the weapons, bone (Calthan Brown highlighted up to Skull White) on horns and skulls and a bit of green or grey here and there for flesh and some other stuff.
- Wash the whole model heavily in watered down Chaos Black, or whatever the current Citadel black wash is called.

Makes for some very rich tones in my experience.


At the moment I’m thinking I will paint things according a strict system (blades in boltgun, details gold, helmets bronze etc).

For a dark red you could try this:

Mechrite red (only if black undercoat)

Scab red ontop

blood red highlight

A wash of watered brown/black mix ontop. (not brown ink as it’s shiny).

Comes out nice and dark.


I go for a copper look on my models to make them look a bit different from the normal gold look.

So in order:- Black undercoat, tin bitz heavy dry brush, light dry brush of anita copper paint, highlight edges with shining gold.

Pyro Stick:

As you can see in my blog im going to paint the new models like ive painted the rest of my army (mechrite red, devlan mud wash then blood red highlights for the armour, chainmail and badab black wash for the metal, dwarf flesh and devlan mud wash for the skin and shining gold and gryphone sepia for the gold). I know its got quite a bright look so i might try and tone it down by experimenting with washes on the armour (devlan mud or badab black). Maybe a watered down devlan mud so that its not as dark as the skin.


thanks guys, also what colour are you going to be doing the beards i think i want to keep them black but i might do them a grey colour with the ringlets in gold

Also does anyone know how much the taurus is going to be when it comes out ?

Blue in VT:

As these guy all look pretty similar to one another I think I would go for a

Mixed bag of colors like I have with my mm90s…to try and give them

Some variety.




I’m guessing the Taurus will be £60-£65.

It looks to be about the same size as this (from what I can tell)


Plus it has wings.

If you’re doing the Infernal guard in black armour I think grey beards would look better.  Would be too much black otherwise.



Given the large plain areas, I’d be tempted to do some cool patterns on them to add some variety.


I’ve decided I don’t like the champion in the commands face, I think he needs a moustache and an eye patch, thank god for green stuff


Given the large plain areas, I'd be tempted to do some cool patterns on them to add some variety.

I was thinking the same thing, but I just couldn't figure out what type of pattern. No doubt the Tamurkhan book will have some artwork for inspiration, but that isn't out for a while.


I’ve ordered the iron daemon. Its up in the air how I paint it. I think i might go for bronze colours and red and gold or I might paint it to look more daemonic but I haven’t a clue how I would go about it.


I’m really into bronze at the moment. Tin bits - Dwarf bronze, sharp silver highlight on the edges, then work some turquoise in patches to show the oxidised areas. Looks great on WoC and CDs.

For the Daemon, I’d take a look at some actual steam engines for reference. I’d guess a dark metal colour, or maybe have it like the Chaos Dwarfs have painted it (so red or whatever colour, but have the paint weathered and peeling in patches).


i’m trying to resist the urge to paint mine in blue and give it a smiley face on the frond of the boiler,

Thomas the iron daemon FTW

Pyro Stick:

i'm trying to resist the urge to paint mine in blue and give it a smiley face on the frond of the boiler,

Thomas the iron daemon FTW

lol saw it called Thomas The Deamon Engine on BoLS. Burst out laughing.


I’m painting the flesh of the crew for the iron daemon but I’d just like to know how other people have painted chaos dwarf skin before ?


I have painted skin in many colours: Blue, white, grey, flesh


Basecoat - chaos black

Midnight blue

Mix up midnight blue with a dot of white till you have a near white colour (I usually use 6 shades of blue, working up from the lower, darker areas to the higher, lighter ones. )

Miniscule hard highlight with pure white


Basecoat codex gray

Work up with a lil white at the time till near white colour, just like with the blue one. Higher areas are lighter, hard highlight of white at the end.


Like white, only use a black basecoat and use a light grey hard highlight instead of a white one (so you still work up from codex grey but now to a light gray, not a near white colour)

Flesh: (although i am not a fan of this one)

Basecoat 1:0,5 terracota-black


1:1 terracota-dwarf flesh

Dwarf flesh soft drybrush

1:1 dwarf flesh-white highlights

Rembember to blend every colour with the previous one using the part of your brush near the metal bit that keeps the hairs in place, works for me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (i do this right after a new layer of paint is on and has dried a little bit)

Hope this is helpful!


Painted Infernal guard model, by FW :


Pyro Stick:

Painted Infernal guard model, by FW :

They chose a pretty boring colour scheme lol. When i first saw that i thought it was just drybrushed boltgun metal or something.