[Archive] painting Raging Heroes lammasu

Da Crusha:

what do you think this model should look like? I’m having trouble coming up with an appropriate color scheme. on one hand I’d like to paint him brown following natural animal colors. but a friend of mine suggests it should look more magical following a “blessed by hashut” look. I was thinking about painting the large scales on its back obsidian colored to go with the “magic resistance” theme. Id really like to do the model justice.


I’m painting mine with red/black cracked look for the skin (which doesn’t look great so far), and with pinkish wings (which do look great).

Dark grey beard/ hair and I’m thinking of painting the scales as white bone (as I can’t really do them black or red).

Da Crusha:

that sounds really good. it reminds me of this guy I found at coolminiornot. luckily I saved a pic of it while it was still available. I would also like to do a cracked skin paint job but it seems like a tough one to get right. I especially feel rushed since the tournament I want to take it to is this saturday and Im going out of town, tues through thursday x.x. I already started painting it brown skin tones but now Im regretting it.I think I might take it to the tournament re-primed and use my great Taurus for the paint judging.