[Archive] Painting white hot metal?


i have almost finished a sculpt of an engineer with the magic item ‘Brand of servitude’ an was wondering how to paint it.

It is described as a white hot length of metal insribed with runes, so how am i supposed to paint it? I suppose painting it white, but it wouldnt look metallic. Anyone got any examples for me?

Thommy H:

Well, when metal is so hot that it glows, it looks like this:

So, if I was doing it, I’d paint it going from white at the tip, blended down to yellow, orange and then red, and finally blending smoothly into a dark metallic colour near the handle.

Not easy by any means (particularly as it’d probably look best with some reflected light on the rest of the model) but that’s the way to do it, I think.


It could be even brighter - almost white… I used to work in car coil and leaf springs factory :wink:

Thommy H:

I think a bit of poetic license is permissable given that just painting something white would look kind of boring on a model.


I’d paint it black-metal, blending up to dark red then moving through orange to yellow to white.

Glad you liked my magic item! :hat off


Ideas you could use:

Paint a base coat of a grey for the entire thing. You’d want a nice, dark grey, but still a little light. Try and blend this.

Then start with the color. Since “White Hot” Metal technically along does not exist, as blue flames are capable of melting steel, white would not be advisable unless it’s a "Magical flame"

Taking those scenarios into account.

White Hot: Base dark grey coat, then a nice dry brush of bleached bone. Ink with a blue ink wash, let dry. Dry brush a little down from the white tip with a highlight of white, then with a nice color of a mixed blue with some white to blend it. Let that dry. Ink wash just a bit into the blue and further down with a nice orange. You may have to base coat the blue with orange to make it look good. Then use an orange ink wash.

After that, dry brush some chaos black, but don’t go over the grey part at the end. Forged weapons always have that ‘sooty’ appearance from the ‘Coke’ as it’s called. What some forge masters call material used to fuel a forge. Forge Coke to make it easier to understand.

Give it some grit too if you can. Maybe place a grit of fine sand or two on it if possible to make it more realistic. Once that’s done, ink wash it with a black ink to your satisifaction, including over the grey part now.

Let dry. Dry brush over the black some more for highlights, and dry brush the grey in lighter colors.

Done. Should look very nice. Complicated? Yes…but it works. If you want Normal hot forged weapons, skip the white and blue and just follow the procedure from the start and then go to orange so to speak.

Hope this helps.



�������� Your army list is awsome! I use it all the time now, although my dad was a bit cheezed when i used all his black ink printing it off!:stuck_out_tongue:


������������ Sounds like a good idea! I have limited paints, but im sure i can manage! About the grit, i think it would be hard to find fine enough sand for a toll roughly half an inch long, and a tenth of an inch wide!:stuck_out_tongue:

I am off to wales on holiday on thursday, so ill have alot of time for painting and such like

so far i have to do:

finish sculpting golden hat 3 entry and paint it

paint new sculpted sorcerer

finish sculpting engineer and paint it

convert 6 hobgoblin crewmen and paint

paint 2 BTs

Paint 14 blunderbussiers

paint 5 black orcs

and if i do all that i will touch up my zhatan’s paintwork (christ i did a bad job on that…)

Well off to work i go!

Whilst im away, can i still have some more ideas? I need as many as i can get!

Also, what colour shoud i paint the runes?


�������� Your army list is awsome! I use it all the time now, although my dad was a bit cheezed when i used all his black ink printing it off!:P

Heh, I can imagine!
Have you played with the list? If so, how did it do?
Also, what colour shoud i paint the runes?

You could invert the base colour? So, black on the white parts, white on the black parts? Or maybe just Ice Blue for contrast?