[Archive] Para-bellum�?Ts Conquest rules online


Para-bellum have the core rules for their new game �?~Conquest�?T up on line:


Have had a quick browse and they look like they bare some similarities to WHFB, so could join KoW and 9th Age as potential successors to that.


Rules by Alessio Cavatore. Interesting…


Had a guy come and demo this at my local club tonight. It was only a quick intro scenario, but I found it very enjoyable; rules are similar enough to Warhammer that they�?Tre easy to pick up if you�?Tre a WH longbeard, but different enough that I don�?Tt think you�?Tll have to worry about getting the two mixed up.

It was only a small game, but I think even at larger point sizes it�?Tll still play fast and not get bogged down.

The minis look good too; unfortunately the demoer only had the Spire and Hundred Kingdoms factions (the starter set plus an extra unit for each side), so I can�?Tt attest to the Dweghom who most of us here will be more interested in I think going by their fluff. Only disappointment I think is the scale; they�?Tre something like 35mm ish so look substantially bigger than WH, KoW, etc minis so for the humans at least there�?Ts not going to be much crosscompatability with other ranges. This isn�?Tt so much an issue with the Spire as those look mutanty/monstery/alieny so could be made to work in other systems, but I think the humans will look right out unless the game has half-ogres or something that you could use them as. Acording to the guy demoing this was because of two things, 1) when they 3D printed the test minis at a more conventional 28-32mm scale some parts were too delicate and broke too easily, and 2) the guy in charge decided that he didn�?Tt care about people buying the minis to use in other games, he just wanted people to buy their minis for their game (the game/setting is something him and his friends have been working on for twenty years and has grown out of their desire to make their own game and the setting they used for their personal RPG campaigns).