[Archive] paranormal activity (in a way)


im going on holidays today to a haunted castle in monaghan (a county in ireland). i dontrely expect to see any ghosts but i am going to paint a whole boatload of hobbos well im there.

i was just wondering has anyone else gone anywhere that is reputedly haunted and what was there experience.

i’ll share my experience of it when i get back.

:hat off sundrinker


When I was younger I’ve been to Gettysburg, but I never saw anything while I was there.

I’m a skeptic though, to be honest. However, while I’m a skeptic, I still love the stories and and myths that come from supposed paranormal activities. You usually learn some history that way. :slight_smile:


boom! im back

no ghosts that i could see but it was an awesome place.

though i dint see any ghost i would not like to be in that castle at witching hour.

it was a good place to go for a break i went on a manly horse ride, saw winston churchills christening dress, and relaxed until i my ass had sores from the couch.

warhammer wise i painted

a swamp troll

a couple hobbos (not as many as i would have likd but still)

and an arabyan halfing for my freind.