[Archive] Parkour just upgraded


Hi guys (and Kera)

I know this is completely unrelated to anything, but I just got blown away by the new parkour video from the british group Storrorblog: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o16CcUauSYA

Storror is known for doing all the stupid stuff at high level, that other practitioners (and decent human beings) would never do. This ain’t legal or smart, but hot damn it’s a fine piece of action! These chaps go hard <3

The reason I post this is because I myself would love watching a quality video about fx snowboarding, but since I’m not snowboarding myself, I wouldn’t be able to categorize groundbreakingly great videos from the good ones. Since i have been into the parkour scene for years, I have can share this and tell you it’s top class :wink: