[Archive] Patapon


Got this game and wondered if anyone else has this and what they think about it?:hat


Pon pon, pata pon!

I have been watching it closely, though I do not have a PSP. :frowning:

Ghrask Dragh:

This game looks amazing!! sadly I do not have any of the hand-held consoles, really wish I did though!

Do you like it?


I’ve been playing it. I love the style and the idea of it, indeed, thats what got me into it, but the rhythm aspect gets in the way. You spend most of the game in a specific rhythm and are told not to tap the drum when the patapon sing, but when Fever hits, those lil bastards sing on YOUR part of the rhythm and mess the whole thing up.

I would have rather played a game where the Patapon react to how you play the drums, rather than how well you can follow the song.

I still like it though, but this frustration has stopped me from playing it for longer than 15 mins at a time.


Im been playing it alot lately and frankly i think its amazing one of the best games ive played so far , cant get the tune out of my head!!Pata,Pata,Pata,Pon!I recommend it but it can be quite frustrating sometimes when you hit out of tune.I also think fever is quite hard to maintain but its quite easy over time.:hat off:cheers