[Archive] pazuzu the winged warriors


when i whas looking for a nice image of the lammasu i came across a name that sounded familare PAZUZU i looked it up on youtube and there came the movie excorsist so ilooked up more of these pictures and this is the one that inspired me to make the models

now the thing i had to do first whas looking for the right model to make pazuzus warriors i tought the kroot would be perfect for the look

as they have a beak witch make them look like parrots i clipt of the hair? of the kroots and modeled GS to give them hair?(real hair)

also i made the legs more like they where flying and gave one arm a plasticcard sword, the wings are made from plasticcard sheets and lots of GS.

more pictures will follow.

cheers and please C&C.


looking good but the hair look a bit too much like fire too me.


Hashuts chosen are fire based hence why the Great Taurus has flame attacks. It would make sense that the Dawi Zharr would pick a Lammasu with flames. I admitt the beak is what has me admiring this Lammasu as something completely different as it is so different from the stick a head on a beast with wings that the 5th Ed model looked like. This model has a really professional look with lots of advanced greenstuff work. It’s going to be something really special when it’s finished I look forward to watching this conversion project. I bet the idea gets borrowed


very good!


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Very nice.

My suggestion would be a kit mash-up with Beastmen Gor bodies, Kroot Heads and Pegasus Wings.


that’s a really nice start. one thing though… this is not going to be an actual lamasu right, as i guess they might be to small for that.

it does give me some inpiration for my onw lamasu, should i ever make one. use a body from the beastmen ogre sized units (minotaurs would be perfect i guess) and use a forgeworld knarloc rider head (not the large one but the cavalry type models).

anyway, the model looks really nice. can’t wait to see it finished.