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Hi Folks.

I know, I know.��I should be working on my core units first, but I just got the idea for this conversion, and felt compelled to make it.

There are a few differences to the “traditional” Lammasu, mainly the lack of claws on the front legs and the feathered wings.��Mainly, this is because I like the hooves and feathered wings, and so couldn’t be bothered to change them, but also, the stats for this particular beastie don’t suggest a combat monster, so it seemed sensible not to overdo the gribbly claws and so forth.

Out of interest, does anyone know how the plastic pegasus compares size-wise against the original model please?

Also, does anyone know of a useful component that I can use to make a bovine tail?��I can always scratch-build, but a “ready to use” tail would be useful when it comes to building Bull Centaurs later on.

Anywho, suggestions, questions c and c would be appreciated.

Oh.��Erm… The less said about the rider right now, the better…




[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



Wow…i never would of thought of that! What a cool idea, and an awsome result

I declaire that idea stolen, yoink!

When is the rider going to be finished?


It looks great, much more like the classical Lammasu.

Is that a Giant head?


Hello again folks.

Thanks for the positive comments - Very encouraging!

Warplockmonkey: Feel free to use the concept :slight_smile: I’ve seen some of your other work on this site, and I reckon your Lammasu will look awesome! I would say another couple of days for the rider, but to be honest, he’s on hold at the moment while I try to find a suitable head to use. I’m currently experimenting with goblin heads as a basis, but not with much success at the moment.

Cornixt: The head is actually the bellower head from the Ogre Bulls command sprue (the one with no moustache and the double chins). I thought it looked a bit small when I first attached it to the Pegasus head, but the GS work soon sorted that out.

In fact, if anyone else wants to try this conversion, I used the following parts:

Ogre Bellower Head

Brettonian plastic Pegasus body/head/wings (The Pegasus head was snipped off the neck)

Horns snipped from plastic Dwarf Warrior (used as tusks)

Horns from the plastic Beastman banner top (the rotting head one)

Legs from plastic Skaven Plague Monk (basis of rider model)

Body from the old plastic Night Goblin regiment

Copious amounts of green stuff




This is really quite spectacular! Well done sir. I’m not going to let you get away without talking about the rider tho. What will it be?


Thats a really nice monster you have their. Great job man.

The Flying Beaver:

I’ve always thought that the Lammasu should be smaller, and the actual Assyrian Lammasu statues had feathered wings. This is a fantastic conversion!


Great idea and well executed. Now we need to see a rider.


i agree with the style i think feathered is better too, its more traditional. the sculpting is really good too!


This is a really fine model! Well done! You’ve done a great job, and the feathered wings are definitely more traditional, in the historical sense!



Yowser! A lot of interest in this model! Thanks very much for the kind comments everyone.

Sounds like I’ve faffed around enough with the Lammasu for now, so I’ll just use GS and florist wire to scratch build a tail, then move on to the rider.

About that chap…

He’s going to be a sorcerer, made from Skaven Plague Monk legs with feet sawn from a plastic dwarf, and an old-style plastic Night Goblin torso. Plague Monk sleeves will make an appearance, although probably with appropriate dwarf hands transplanted. Face-wise, I’m going to persevere with the idea of sculpting over a goblin head (with the ears removed), but it’s a bit scary, because the eyes are so small they may disappear under a pair of bushy Dwarven eyebrows.

No thoughts at the moment regarding weapon/staff, but I’m thinking of giving the rider a devo/ziggurat style hat like the one sported by one of the metal Bull Centaurs. Not sure how to achieve that though, so suggestions for that would be welcome. If all else fails, I’ll just give him an orangina-bottle style hat.

I’ll update the thread with pictures when the rider is a bit more complete (minus hat unless I have a breakthrough). But Golden Hat #3 beckons…







Here we go then.��I’ve completed the rider’s face/beard.��I’ve gotten around the issue of tiny Goblin eyes by sculpting larger ones myself. Tried to go for one manic, bulgy eye (his left) and one squinty eye.��The tail is being built up over a core of florist’s wire.��It looks a bit long for a bovine tail, but there is certainly something I like about it.��It seems to add a sense of movement/drama in my opinion.

Looks like the lip could use a little tidying up from the close up picture, and the few holes/rips in the legs torso will be filled and smoothed before the arms are attached, but apart from that, I’m quite pleased with this model.

Any suggestions for suitable headgear please?��I’d like to move on to my GH #3 entry after tomorrow, and it would be a shame to leave this unfinished.



Thommy H:

Very nice green stuff work. I especially like the beard (both on the monster and the rider).


yeah the riders beard it goo to it looks really swirly and energetic.


I might have to steal the Lammasu concept for my new fire sorcerer, ogres head works perfectly :cheers


Impressive, you are without doubt a great sculptor! Love that conversion.


Nice work on that Chaos Dwarf! The face looks a bit big, but it’s hard to judge the scale…




Almost there now…

Just a few little bits of tidying up/decoration to go now (blending in of cape/collar, hair, vambrace, dangly charm thing hanging from staff etc.), and most gallingly, still no hat! Just can’t find anything in the right style.

Needless to say, I’m thinking of a BIIIG hat for this chap. That’ll now have to wait until after GH#3, I have to keep to my modelling/painting discipline.

Xander: Now you mention it, the face does look somewhat large. I guess that’s the danger of using a Goblin head as a base :slight_smile: Nevertheless, I do like it, and I reckon the big hat may help to disguise that faux pas.




Don’t worry about my nit-picking, the model is stellar! He’s looking like a total Pimp. :slight_smile:

I can’t wait to see what kind of Boss Hat you put on this guy!

Ghrask Dragh:

:cheers��I REALLY like this guy!

The face in particular is very impressive and you’ve made good use of the big collar from the wizards box-set, I’ve been waiting for someone to and you haven’t disappointed!

I think the feathered wings and lion’s body are the way to go for a Lammasu, it looks alot more magical somehow. You’ve given me some thought for my 7th Ed model!

:hat off��Wosamog! Great sculpt, good luck with the hat!