[Archive] Perhaps some substitutes for swearing?


I’ve noticed people using fecking a lot, and it appears as though that is frowned upon- Perhaps we should come up with some chaotic words to use as substitutes- Almost like a private joke on the sight, ehh? So any suggestions are welcome.


We’ve talked about it in the past and it led to some “interesting” discussions to say the least. It’s probably good that people keep in mind their posting language.

That all said I will point out we are pretty tolerant in terms of free speech.


*sorry, I do use it on occasion.
I thought feck was a joke swear word, and the joke was that it wasn’t in fact a swear word (thank you father ted)
My stance is it is a part of the language, without them it is hard to convey emotion of a situation, especially on a forum (bar smileys), but should NEVER be used at someone, only and yourself or the situation at hand.

As for alternatives:- (sorry if some of these are actually swear words)

Frell (Farscape), Quimm, Samoflange, Ba-boo, Bajumbass, Son of a Biscuit, …


Cuncbag is one of my favourites, it sounds so rude and yet has no meaning at all.


How about ‘smeg’? And I’m trying hard to get the word ‘fnarp’ established. As in ‘fnarping mondays… I hate them’ or perhaps ‘Oh for fnarps’ sake, will ya look at that?’ or possibly ‘fnarp off, you cuncbag’ :stuck_out_tongue:


Smeg is kinda a swearword now, as its derived from ‘smegma’


cobblers, cods-wallop, fiddle sticks, hells bells and hells bells & buckets of blood just to name a few.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Sithspit or Sithspawn :wink:


"Go smurf yourself! And stop smurfing with your smurfer in public. It’s un-smurfing-hygenic!"


“Go BLEEP yourself! And stop BLEEPING with your BLEEPER in public. It’s un-BLEEPING-hygenic!”

Da Crusha:

we should make some up that are chaos dwarf related. not too sure how to go about this…

I guess having association with filthy greenskins or Lava…

edit* I always use this one “Holy Hashut!” its not really swearing as much as a praise to the mightiest of Deities. Long live Hashut!


Smeg is kinda a swearword now, as its derived from 'smegma'

True, but I was referring to the Red Dwarf-phrase :p


Smeg is kinda a swearword now, as its derived from 'smegma'

True, but I was referring to the Red Dwarf-phrase :p

As was I (apparently that's where they derived it from - recall it mentioned on an interview online somewhere)


n’wah is possibly my favourite made up swear-word, only for the nostalgia factor. I loved Morrowind when I was younger.

Da Crusha:

“Cotton-headed-ninny-muggins” from the movie Elf with Will Ferrell


Use different user names instead… That could be very funny. Also offensive. Which would make it even funnier.


Stomm! and Drokk it!!


oh you tjubugger!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


On the whole I find the idea ridiculous.

In principle I don’t really see the point of using swear words in text. It just doesn’t have the same emotional release. Which is also why I find using alternates silly. Especially those that are supposed to sound kinda like the “real” thing.

Either you just stubbed your pinky toe and need to use the real words or you can just shut up if your vocabulary isn’t sufficient to express your feelings.

That being said I wouldn’t be a proper hypocrite unless I mentioned I’ve always been fond of the way they did it in the comics in my youth, Asterix and such. Which is why I’d say this whole thread is @£$�,�#% stupid and you all can go to £$#@!


Thomas the Tank Engines “Cinder and Ashes!” is fairly appropriate for Dawi Zharr, methinks.

By and large, I would have to agree with snowblizz tho’. Why bother? I don’t find swearing the least offensive, merely insipid. Probably because I have raised several boys through the teenage years.


I agree, Giftzwerg. Just trying to think of some ideas- Of coarse hell and damn are of no bother, but the higher up the latter you go, the more some people might get offended.