[Archive] Perry twins left GW


very sad news…


Sad news indeed, they are for GW what Carl Barks was for Disney… Priestley, Perry twins, I hope the rest of the talent stays but to me it signals something has changed in recent years at GW… :frowning:


I never thought we’d see this. Is Goodwin or Blanche next?

Gosh, I miss the attention to realism in not least equipment which the Perry twins proved in their Regiments of Renown sculpts. Those miniatures are bounds and leaps ahead of the current Empire range, on the face of it.


The world is changed. I feel it in the water. I feel it in the earth. I smell it in the air. Much that was once is now lost.

It’ll be interesting to see new sculptors, but I don’t see the passion of the old Games Workshop coming back anytime soon.


The petty stuff is very popular with historical gamers. The recent dak and 8th army in particular is massively popular with bolt action players, which is arguably one of the top historical rulesets used now. They will probably be better off without games workshop.


Well thid is bad. But the last years their talent was wasted on LotR. Beautiful miniatures, bad game system.

I decided a year ago that their historical miniatures will be the base of my upcoming empire / dogs of war army.

40 beautiful human multi part plastic miniatures for 20£. I’ll support that company.


I read it yesterday. I think it’s great news. More time for good sculptors to spend on affordable miniatures instead of time spent on miniatures I’d never consider buying due to silly pricing.

Their own historical miniatures are fantastic. Perhaps this opens the door to get them to sculpt fantasy stuff for a different company as well.

Fuggit Khan:

Sad news for GW…but I respect their decisions to move on. Their own line of Perry Miniatures are beautiful, happy to see that they will have more time to devote to their historical line of gaming miniatures.