[Archive] Phille's Legendary Battles List


Now, if you’re familiar with my style, it is my unending search to create a usable list for the Chaos Dwarfs using the current rules and as few modifications as possible.  Here is my newest and greatest Idea:

Legendary Battles rules, use Dwarfs and O&G as common allies.  Now this would be a deadly combination if not for a few little rules to curb the nasty potential of this army.

(1) Don’t be a jerk and take night goblins or forest goblins or miners

(2) If you’re going to take stuff like ironbreakers, hammerers or slayers, make them look Chaos-Dwarfy

(3) Just take 2 dispel dice, even though you’re entitled to four

(4) Don’t take Orc sorcerors (you could go for a stretch of fluff to take ‘hobgoblin’ shammans)

(5) Goblins are Hobgoblins

(6) You want Bull Centaurs, try Voland’s Venators

(7) You want nasty artillery, go with runes

(8) You want CD sorcerors, grab a runelord with an anvil of doom

(9) Don’t call a WAAAGH!

(10) You can use Leadership and Battle standards between the armies, but your general and BSB must be Dwarfs

(11) Ask your opponent first, don’t just suprise them with this

And thats about it.  I think it will play pretty fairly without being overly powerful.  If you have any ideas comments or criticism, please don’t hesitate to share it. Give the list a shot, go on, you know you want semi-official rules;)

Lord Zarkov:

On the Orc wizards, you could take them and model them as CD Sorcerers, just don’t use the extra M