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The purpose of this list is to create a list based on current rules in a fair manner.  The list contains no new models nor does it contain rules that aren’t fairly intuitive.  This list tries to be quite simple and easy to use and explain to your opponent.  This is definately a friendly list, but it is quite a fair one.

If you have any ideas, questions, comments, please feel free to do so.

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The “look” of the army:

Here is the look I’m going for:

In my vision, I imagine industry; turn of the century factories churning out smoke and death. Sooty slaves, mostly orc and goblin as they are more easily found, but there are skaven and men, maybe even elves and lizardmen, all toiling away.

Their armies are encased in black iron and cruel bronze, Industry has churned out massive shields and deadly curved scimitars. The artillery is possessed by foul daemons, chained and ravenous. Sorcerors carry with them the power of mechanization, wreathed in smoke and fire. Chaos Dwarfs have never been a prolific race population-wise, so to boost their numbers, slaves are pushed into battle in their multitudes herded by cruel hobgoblins, and their steppe brethren ride viscious wolves bred to run down and capture slaves. Black orcs are a thing of the past in their own regiments. They would be used as slavers here and there, but the two factions are too distrustful of one another (chaos dwarfs and Black Orcs) to possibly come together in bulk. Mechanical monstorities rage across the battlefield, humungous and terrible, all with the visage of the Great Bull God, Hashut, the only god the Chaos dwarfs will ever worship.

As for hats…Sorcerors and powerful Champions wear hats mimmicking their great towers back in Zharr Naggrund, however, the bulk of the warriors are not allowed such a status symbol, as only the truly great may wear these.

Chaos Dwarf Army list:

To use this list you must have have Hordes of Chaos, Dwarfs, Orcs and Goblins

Special rules:

All dwarf special rules remain in play except that they generate 2 dispel dice and 2 power dice.

All Greenskin rules remain in play except “Size Matters”

“Size Matters” now is the following for the Chaos dwarfs army:

Chaos Dwarfs ignore Goblin panic

Goblins are cowardly and ignore no one’s panic

Hordes of Chaos and Dwarf models count as chaos dwarfs for all purposes except for choosing magic items.

All Hordes of Chaos Models lose their marks of Chaos

Characters may only take runes/magic items from their respective lists

Chaos Dwarfs may not join goblin units and goblin characters may not join chaos dwarf units

Keep an eye on those gits:Goblins do not count to the cumpulsory core requirement

Oath Stones and shield bearers: Chaos Dwarfs have no need for such foolish pride in oaths and as such do not have Oath stones or shield bearers.


(Chaos Dwarf Lord) Dwarf Lord: 100pts of runes

(Chaos Dwarf Sorceror Lord) Chaos Sorceror Lord, may not take a mount


(Chaos Dwarf Hero) Dwarf Thane 50pts of runes, may be battle standard bearer for 25pts and follows the usual restrictions

(Chaos Dwarf Sorceror) Chaos Sorceror, may not take a mount 50pts of magic items

(Hobgoblin character) Goblin Bigboss: may choose to ride only a wolf, may not be a battle standard bearer, may choose 50pts of Shiny stuff

(Bull centaur hero) Chaos Champion, must take a barded steed, may be battle standard bearer for +25pts but follows the usual restrictions 50pts of magic items


(Chaos dwarf Warriors) Dwarf warriors, may still be longbeards

(Blunderbusses) Thunderers

(slaves) Goblins

(Hobgoblin wolfriders) Goblin wolfriders


(Berzerkers) dwarf slayers

(Immortals) Hammerers

(Daemonic Death Rocket) Dwarf Cannon, may take runes

(bolth throwers), Goblin spear chukkas, may not take runes (obviously!)



(Daemonic Earth Shaker) Grudge thrower, may take runes

Giant (rules as seen in the O&G book)

Hell Cannon (available online) 1 rare