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Well, here goes, some of you may know me from another Chaos Dwarf website that I’m not sure I’m allowed to mention the name of for reasons of recriuting, however, I assure you that I am that very same Phille and not some bizzare phille imposter.��

For those of you who don’t know me, I’ve been on a long and arduous campaign to make a semi-official chaos dwarf list using only existing rules.��The only rules I will make are restrictive rules to keep with the flow of the army.��The following list is designed to be friendly and perhaps even used by members of the chaos dwarf community.

This list is by no means fully completed and I hope that you will all give me as much constructive criticism as possible, anyone and everyone is welcome to share their opinions.��This list is very maleable so don’t think that I’m just going to say "duly noted young sir or madame"��This list Changes!

I warn you all now, my objective is to bring back the chaos dwarfs using fair rules created by Games Workshop for use in friendly games.��My primary objective is to get the backing of this website to help the chaos dwarf community show GW that we are still around, and want that book!

Here is the look I’m going for:

In my vision, I imagine industry; turn of the century factories churning out smoke and death. Sooty slaves, mostly orc and goblin as they are more easily found, but there are skaven and men, maybe even elves and lizardmen, all toiling away.

Their armies are encased in black iron and cruel bronze, Industry has churned out massive shields and deadly curved scimitars. The artillery is possessed by foul daemons, chained and ravenous. Sorcerors carry with them the power of mechanization, wreathed in smoke and fire. Chaos Dwarfs have never been a prolific race population-wise, so to boost their numbers, slaves are pushed into battle in their multitudes herded by cruel hobgoblins, and their steppe brethren ride viscious wolves bred to run down and capture slaves. Black orcs are a thing of the past in their own regiments. They would be used as slavers here and there, but the two factions are too distrustful of one another (chaos dwarfs and Black Orcs) to possibly come together in bulk. Mechanical monstorities rage across the battlefield, humungous and terrible, all with the visage of the Great Bull God, Hashut, the only god the Chaos dwarfs will ever worship.

As for hats…Sorcerors and powerful Champions wear hats mimmicking their great towers back in Zharr Naggrund, however, the bulk of the warriors are not allowed such a status symbol, as only the truly great may wear these.

Now the actual Army list

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Special rules:

All special rules apply from the various lists with the following exceptions:

Mainstay unit: Chaos Dwarf Warrior regiments are mainstay units. All other units are 0-1 per Chaos Dwarf Warrior regiment. For example, if you have one unit of Chaos Dwarfs, you may have one regiment of Blunderbusses, one regiment of slaves, etc… However, if you want two regiments of blunderbusses and two regiments of slaves, etc… you must field two regiments of Chaos Dwarf Warriors. This rule does not apply to characters.

Chaos Dwarfs/bull centaurs (note that bull centaurs are only CD’s for the purposes of this particular rule) do not take break tests on greenskins or slave giant.

Oath Stones and shield bearers: Chaos Dwarfs have no need for such foolish pride in oaths and as such do not have Oath stones or shield bearers.

Keep 'em in line: Goblins/slaves of any kind do not count towards the minimum core.

“CDs can only take Dwarf runes.

Greenskins can only take O&G magic items.

CDs can’t join greenskin units and vice versa.

Army generates 2 power and 2 dispel dice.”


Army list:


(Chaos Dwarf Lord) Dwarf Lord: may take Taurus (Sun dragon) for ?pts, 100pts of runes

CD Sorc Lord (Chaos Sorceror, but no mark of Chaos, except undivided), may take a Lammasu (Manticore + dwarf rune of magic resistance 2) for ?pts

(Bull Centaur Lord) 0-1 Minotaur lord (may not be the general, may not take any mark of chaos except undivided), 100pts of BOC magic items


(Chaos Dwarf Hero) Dwarf Thane 50pts of runes, may be battle standard bearer for 25pts and follows the usual restrictions

Chaos Dwarf Sorceror (Chaos Sorceror, but no mark of Chaos, except undivided), may take 50pts of Chaos magic items

(Hobgoblin character) Goblin Bigboss: may choose to ride only a wolf, may not be a battle standard bearer, may choose 50pts of Shiny stuff

(Great Berzerker) Dwarf Dragon slayer may choose 50pts of weapon runes


(Chaos dwarf Warriors) Dwarf warriors, no longbeards, Mainstay unit

(Chosen of Hashut) Dwarf longbeards

(blunderbusses) Thunderers

(slaves) Goblins

(Hobgoblin wolfriders) as seen in regiments of renown; unit size 5+; standard/champ cost 10 each (as in DOW list)


(Berzerkers) dwarf slayers

(Immortals) 15pts Ironbreakers with great weapons

(Daemonic Death Rocket) Dwarf Cannon, may take runes

(bolth throwers), Goblin spear chukkas, may not take runes (obviously!)

(Bullcentaurs, may not take any mark of chaos except undivided) Minotaurs from BoC


Hell Cannon(cause everyones just gotta have one…)

Slave giant (rules as seen in the Ogre Kingdoms book)

Kollosus (Empire Steam tank)


Phille nice to see you got over here (this is joy from the other site)

The list is original I like it but you may not get much feedback since people need quite a few books to get it all now onto the list.

I don’t think the Chaos Dwarf Sorceror’s (Chaos Sorceror’s) should be able to get the mark of undivided I don’t think all runes should be allowed and last do hell cannons use two or one rare slots?.


Why seperate longbeards from warriors?

Why not just keep them as an upgrade choice for warriors, where you cannot have more longbeard units than Warriors. That would effectively fit them into the mainstay unit idea.


Mainstay is also used to keep people from fielding 10 hobgoblin regiments (which I do by the way).��It also prevents all sorts of other silliness that would undoubtedly insue.

The Hellcannon is a single rare choice.

Sorcerors have the mark of Undivided because it would change the points value of the model, which is not what this list is about. I could however see removing the undivided as it an upgrade.

I separated the longbeards from the dwarf warriors because the longbeards are not mainstay, and I wish to simplify the list as much as possible, without losing the CD flavor.

Is there a communal once and for all list here?


If all the slaves are just goblins, why not have wolfriders as goblin wolfriders?

I’m not sure about the characters, it might be a bit confusing to have them from several different books, plus their mounts from another load of books


I think the slaves just use states and points of goblins but are actually a bunch of different races got to agree would be very confusing using the list you need ogre empire dwarf chaos and high elf books plus SOC and some I missed one last thing do you plan on adding special characters.