[Archive] Photos of khorne juggernaut


Does anyone have an unpainted and unassembled juggernaut (the new one)?

I need some photos of the main body from the left hand side (the side without the big hole in it), both the leg parts and the head (from either side).

Photos preferably with the parts on a white piece of paper.

I need them to show where I have cut for my WoH article.


I found a picture, but it is not with the right (left) side up as you asked for… sorry, I’ll keep looking for one on the internet. But if you can waite untill its’ release here the 14nov - I’ll take a photo, and then I can mail it to you if you like???
(if you’ll have me to help, I’ll ask you to send me a PM - mostly because sometimes my computer is cutting off threads and I still don’t know why)

:slight_smile: cheers mate