[Archive] Piecing together the release schedule


So, putting together the 40k rumours and fantasy from a few places, here’s what it’s looking like

December:  Possibly another wave of orks

January:  Tyranids,  Legion of the Damned (15 models)

February:  Beasts of Chaos

March:  Blood Angels

April -  Rohan & Isengard

May -  Orcs and goblins

June -

July - 8th Edition Warhammer Rules

August - Daemons wave

September - 8th Edition Warhammer Boxed set - Skaven V High Elves.

October -

November -  Necron & Dark Eldar in these 4 months.

December -  Possibly Ogres and TK in these 4 months as well.

January -

Anyone got any confirmed rumours they can add?  Doesn’t have to be just warhammer


Is a confirmed rumour still a rumour, or is it then fact?

Necron or Dark Eldar were suggested for later in the year (Nov '10/Dec '10/Jan '11) time slot.

I don’t see why Orks would get another wave. There’s been 2 waves already and I can’t think of anything that has yet to be released from the Codex. What was supposed to be in another release?


Killa Kans and dread apparantly. I threw it in as something I read, I don’t know how accurate it is.

These are all rumours, they are only confirmed once they’re on the shelves (or direct only) :wink:

I’ll put in your bits on the list.


Yeah, okay, I can buy the Kanz and Dread, they could use an update.


Nids are confirmed in the current WD.


there will be some metal Legion of the Damned Space Marines in january too.


I don't see why Orks would get another wave. There's been 2 waves already and I can't think of anything that has yet to be released from the Codex. What was supposed to be in another release?

well and this guy:-

with a nice price tag of £60!!


Wasn’t there a rumour at Games Day UK about the 2 wave Daemons?


I forgot about that.  GW would probably only show it if it was within 6 months, so that would mean it could be close, maybe whichever of the april/may/june Dark elves are not being done?

‘early 2010’ is as soon as I can find for Daemons wave.


Since the question has been asked, Orks could quite desperately do with a box to put together buggies & trakks TBH. The old kits are currently the oldest plastics still in production, and have NOT aged well.  It could be done with a single sprue with all the options.

Then it would be nice to have plastic Meganobz, Killakans & Deffdreads (one sprue to make either, like in 1st ed, would do nicely), and big guns (again, a single sprue will do the trick), though this is more wishlisting than anything.

Daemons and Dark Elves are likley 2nd wave candidates next year, Daemons especially.

Kera foehunter:

i wounder if the 8th addion box set will be like the bfsp set where they make cookie cutter figures for a cheep quick sale


Possibly. I have a feeling the orcs may look quite different to the current ones. With any luck they will have progressed beyond monopose, but for the boxed set I guess people just want as many models as possible.


With BfSP Goblins and WH8 Orcs it should be possible to assemble a Greenskin army fairly cheaply.



The stomper’s been out for ages. I think it came out around Jan-Feb, but may have been April. I have on in my studio waiting to be built…

Kera foehunter:

it would be cool if the do a elf box set !! they use less plastic to do to the skinny figures


Is 8th edition really confirmed to be Orcs… AGAIN?? how overdone…

My dream would be to see them release a new army via the starter box set… Like what they did with 40k when they released dark eldar for the first time in the starter box.

They could do this with CHAOS DWARFS!


It’s proving hard to nail down when people expect the other warhammer armies to appear.  Some people have said ogres in may, others have said they’re not the next army after beasts (implying something else is).  People generally seem to think tomb kings will be end of 2010, or first in 2011.

It is proving frustrating atm, as gaps mysteriously open up for a big warhammer release between say may and 8th ed, but people ‘in the know’ seem to be confused as well.

Hypothetically if they were to release CD as the ‘focus of the month’, it would put them in either april/may/june (whichever month the dark elves and daemons are not), august, or oct/nov/dec (whichever month the last warhammer army of the year and dark eldar/ necrons are not).  So basically at any time :wink:

If they were only drip feeding some models from forgeworld, not for any particular book it could be in any month.



The stomper's been out for ages. I think it came out around Jan-Feb, but may have been April. I have on in my studio waiting to be built...

Lol, i guess that just goes to prove that i don't play/pay attention to W40K ;P


Although I am not so clear on non-WFB rumours i have seen the following…may not be the most up to date…

March you can also add the 40K scenario book… That means that March is overloaded and i would expect either blood angels or LOTR stuff to overlap into heavily April since GW doesn’t like to have major competing releases

Q1 2010 rumor had O&G for WHFB…This casts into doubt TK in Q1 as well… Also you have to guess where Ogres are going to fall since they have also been hinted…

Also Harry has strongly hinted that VC Dark Knights are coming as well… We also have rumours of new Empire knights and Orc BB. Whether that is just in the new starter box or a possible wave release is up to debate at this point. Butthe 2nd wave releases appear to be touching on several armies makes a better tie in to a the edition release…rather then a standalone month… ie Release new BRB and buy a bunch 2nd wave stuff too…

December: Possibly another wave of orks

January: Tyranids, Legion of the Damned (15 models)

February: Beasts of Chaos

March: Blood Angels, 40K Scenario Book

April -Rohan & Isengard

May -

June -

July - 8th Edition Warhammer Rules - 2nd wave release for DE, DOC, VC


September - 8th Edition Warhammer Boxed set

October -

November - Necron & Dark Eldar in these 4 months.

December -

January -

Q1- O&G


I’m guessing August will probably be focused mainly on a 40k release?  Anything else rumoured for that time?

I know there are some rumours of grey knights being worked on, but I don’t know if they’re years away.

Between the rulebook and WH box release you’d think it would be fantasy light for a month.