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Kera foehunter:

well i done alot of wood planks and sandy baces

im looking for some ideas that is pirate type

i have a new unit and i want something diffrent

thanks so much !!



This may sound stupid but… Why don’t you concentrate on the interior of a pirate galleon? In the way that TV and childhood books teached us.

You can decide that your new unit is guarding the treasury or the galley (is it the right term in english for a ship’s food storeroom?).

Speakin this way they can sit on treasure chests or swim in coins & loot (a dwarf diving in coins, I always wanted to see this :)). The champion can be the treasurer, with a crude calculator and wealthy robes. Same thing for the galley: crates, food and spare equipment on the ground. You can arm them with butcher knives and giant forks. Could the chef be the champion maybe? (a Chaos Dwarf pirate chef:hashut).

Another common element that comes in mind if you think to 17th century ships are grids. This actually fits the CD a lot: imagine hands of poor slaves clawing for freedom (and the sadistic CDs slashing em).

Finally, I assume that you see Pirates of the Carribean about 4 times per day. Go to the ending of “the curse of the black pearl”, why don’t copy the treasure cavern (with that lovely lagoon)?


Lotsa spilled dubloons and broken rum bottles/kegs…


Oh, one more thing, is your unit the bodyguard of the general?

Don’t forget the captain’s cabin!!! Elaborate carpets, mysterious maps, monkeys and parrots (Ahrrrrrr), and the wood itslef is shiny and clean, different for the other seadog’s dirty cabin!

Kera foehunter:

i love you guys!! that would work as a unit filler !!! now i can make less figures !!

thanks Skink and grndl


Try these folks:


Kera foehunter:

kick ass !!thanks for the link slev




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