[Archive] Plague toads and Pox riders 40k?


A friend of mine has asked if I have any ideas for how to use these in 40k.

Not knowing anything about the 40k rules I am completely stuck.  Anyone willing to have a go at writing some rules?

Basically just try and represent them as closely as possible.

Thommy H:

They’d be cavalry, which have a single combined profile in 40K. Using Seekers as a guide (but beefing them up for the Plague Toads’ size):

WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv3  0  4 5 2 2 3 10  -
Special Rules: Daemon, Feel No Pain, Poisoned (4+)

Option for a Plagueleaper with +1 Attack.

Essentially they’re just Plaguebearers, with extra Wounds and Attacks, and the cavalry unit type.

I think that’s everything, although I don’t have Codex: Chaos Daemons, so I’m probably missing something. I have no idea about costs either, I’m afraid. Ask me when the new Codex comes out next year!


That was quick. Cheers Thommy.


Chaos Deamons don’t have the “champions” instead it’d be represented by a model with Demoic Gift, eg the Nurgle units one model can buy “Noxious Touch” gift. And note that is just “any one random model” no mention of champion-ness.

What Thommy describes is basically a Beast of Nurgle with 3A instead of d6A.

To be honest I’d just use Plaguetoads with the rules for Bloodcrushers.

You get a much better profile and it would avoid making home-brew rules which are almost identical to what the book has anyway.

Thommy H:

It would make most sense to use them as alternate models for Beasts then, since D6 Attacks is equivalent to 3.5 Attacks anyway, so it sounds like these rules are pretty much the same as those. As I said, I don’t have the Daemons book, so this was just an educated guess.