[Archive] Planning Ahead, my 2500pt list


right, since i have most of the things i need to make my 1000pt list ive been thinking about what id like to add to expand my list up to 2500pts. a few things in this list are just there because i will have the models for them :slight_smile:


Level 4 Sorcerer Lord-Black Gem of Gnar, Power stone-285pts


Chaos Dwarf Hero-Armour of Gazrakh, Great Weapon

Hobgoblins Hero-Gauntlets of Bazhrakk the cruel, Heavy armour, Great Weapon-68pts

Level 2 Sorcerer-2 dispel scrolls-150pts


25 Chaos Dwarf Warriors-Full command-255pts

25 Chaos Dwarf Warriors-Full command-255pts

21 Chaos Dwarf Warriors-Blunderbusses, Full Command-282pts

20 Hobgoblins-Bows-100pts

20 Hobgoblins-Bows-100pts

30 Hobgoblins-Light armour, Shields, Full Command-150pts

25 Hobgoblins-50pts

25 Hobgoblins-50pts

10 Hobgoblins-20pts

10 Hobgoblins-20pts


4 Bolt Throwers-120pts


5 Bull Centaurs-Full Command, Heavy armour-150pts


I have enough points left to do a number of things, i could add another 25 block of warriors, throw in more blunderbusses, add 100+ hobgoblins, increase the size of my Bull centaur unit, replace my Hobgoblin hero with a CD BSB or a BC hero, add in some hobgoblin wolfriders (my preferred option for at least some of the extra points), throw in some orcs, put in a death rocket/more bolt throwers, etc.

also please dont comment on the blunderbusses command group/my armoured hobgoblins with LA and shields and command, i know just about everyone will disagree on these but i have my reasons, which would take a while to post so i dont think i will post them (im lazy :slight_smile: ) so no comments on those please, but everything else is open for discussion :hat off

overall im trying for a balanced aproach with this army, with most of the units hanging back for the first 1-2 turns, advancing on turn 3 usually and being in combat by about turn 4-5, depending on how much havoc is caused by the Earthshaker. this tactic obviously changes when facing a gunline army, where i would just advance right from the start.