[Archive] Planning out a mantic-based 'Doom Harness'


So, I ordered a few issues of the ‘Mantic Journal’ the other day. I have no idea what it’s like, but it will be interesting to check out. One of the reasons I ordered it, is that it comes with a dwarf with a strange piece of mining equipment - a pushed ‘drill’ that reminded me of the whirlwind and tenderiser. Here’s a link.


I’m thinking about trying to find a lower half of a bull centaur and putting the top half of an earthshaker crewman on that, purely for hand placement. Or, maybe the supplied Mantic dwarf can get a head transplant. a few rotor-bladed parts to spina around, and I think I might end up with something pretty cool.

Any thoughts or opinions?


I’ve got one of those. You can buy one iwth mantic points to,

It does look quite cool, not got around to sorting it out yet and not sure what ot make it into. :S

Thommy H:

I think it might be a bit small - but it could certainly serve as the core of something bigger.


I was thinking of using it as a cool unit filler as it uses two space.


They stole my drill! Seriously, about 4 years ago I converted a slightly larger version of that to be used as a unit filler in my CDs.

Edit: Just realised that I may have appeared a bit too serious above, what with miners and common mining equipment.