[Archive] plasticard?


just wondering if anyone knows any god online stores/ebay stores that sell plasticard. ive never been really lucky when ordering before and its just hit and miss guesswork, but what im after is pretty solid stuff, to be used to 28mm or 1/35 steel plating, so i was thinking 1.5mm thick and not floppy.

if anyone can help it would be much appreciated


I’ve seen it at alot of Hobby shops, model/train shops mostly. Pretty cheap too. Like $2 or $3 USA for 2 big sheets.

Kera foehunter:

Well the best place i have found plastic card is hobby town usa .They even have coragated plastic card ,pieces stone looking plastic card and even i beams and angle iron plastic to go with plastic card. i dont know if they have something like that in the U K ?


ive seen that stuff in online stores, but never in an actual shop. ive actually been into hobby shops and asked if they sell plasticard and been looked at funny with a responc of ‘ive never heard of it’.

even hobbycraft which is quite big here doesnt sell it from what ive seen, its more worried about card making and rubber stamps than serious modelling supplies.


Train and RC car/plane shops are the only places I’ve seen it in England.